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A residence permit[1][2][3] (less commonly residency permit) is a document or card required in some regions, allowing a foreign national to reside in a country for a fixed or indefinite length of time. These may be permits for temporary residency, or permanent residency. The exact rules vary between regions. In some cases (e.g. the UK[4]) a temporary residence permit is required to extend a stay past some threshold, and can be an intermediate step to applying for permanent residency.

Residency status may be granted for a number of reasons and the criteria for acceptance as a resident may change over time. In New Zealand the current range of conditions include being a skilled migrant, a retired parent of a New Zealand National, an investor and a number of others. [5]

Biometric residence permitEdit

Some countries have adopted biometric residence permits, which are cards including embedded machine readable information and RFID NFC capable chips.[6]

In GeorgiaEdit

Georgia (country) offers several types of temporary residency permits, such as work residence permit, for those with a work contract or business in the country, short-term residence permit, based on property ownership, and residence permit for family reunification. There are also other types of residency permits, like, e.g., student residency permit.[7]

In GermanyEdit

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In FranceEdit

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In ItalyEdit

In Italy the residence permit (permesso di soggiorno) is released by the state police (Polizia di Stato); it must be requested by the immigrant to be allowed to reside in the country[8] for more than eight days, or more than ninety days if having a travel visa (visto d'ingresso) for tourism. It is not required for European Union citizens.

In SingaporeEdit

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In UkraineEdit

In Ukraine there are two types of residence permits: temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit. Temporary residence permit is issued, in general, for a period of 1 year provided that there is at least one of legal grounds for temporary stay in Ukraine.[9] Permanent residence equals to immigration.

In the United StatesEdit

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In Saudi ArabiaEdit

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