Reka dialect

The Reka dialect (Macedonian: Рекански дијалект, Rekanski dijalekt) is a member of the west and north-west subgroup of the western group of dialects of Macedonian. The dialect is mainly spoken on the territory of the region Reka in the north-western part of North Macedonia. The Reka dialect is very close with the Galičnik and the Debar dialects. This dialect contains a lot of archaic words.

The Reka dialect (brown color) on the map of Macedonian dialects.

Phonological characteristicsEdit

  • High frequency of the consonant f (ф)
  • Low frequency of the consonant (џ), replacing it with ž (ж) or žd (жд)
  • Use of o instead of a

Morphological characteristicsEdit

  • The end of the verbs from the a group are frequently pronounced as verbs from the e group (играат > играет)
  • Use of the three articles
  • Use of the suffix for the third person singular
  • Use of the preposition во/в