Red Line (Montreal Metro)

Montréal Métro 1961 project with line 3 in red and proposed extensions in yellow

The Red Line (French: Ligne rouge), also known as Line 3 (French: Ligne 3), was a proposed line of the Montreal Metro that never made it past its planning stage. The line was supposed to have 15 stations and end at Cartierville (western) of Bordeaux-Cartierville, using CN tracks and Mount Royal Tunnel under Mount Royal.[1] The line was cancelled because:

  • Trains would have to use steel wheels instead of rubber tires like the rest of the Metro cars because part (or most) of the line was to go outside.
  • Expo 67 made the Yellow Line more important.

The line was still planned for construction as a "regional metro" line in the early 1980s, reduced to a total of 9 stations.

The tracks are now used by the commuter rail Deux-Montagnes Line and will form the central section of the planned Réseau express métropolitain.

1982 list of planned stationsEdit

The following stations were planned for the line:[2]

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