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Rayman is a fictional character and the protagonist of the video game series of the same name, created by Michel Ancel for Ubisoft.[2] He is depicted as a limbless humanoid with floating appendages, which he can throw at enemies to attack them.

Rayman character
Rayman Artwork.jpg
Promotional artwork of Rayman for Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
First gameRayman (1995)
Created byMichel Ancel[1]
Voiced by

Since his first appearance in Rayman in 1995, Rayman has been the subject of several video games, as well as a short-lived animated television series.[3]


Concept and creationEdit

Rayman was created by Michel Ancel when he began designing his first game as director at Ubisoft. The original character had a big nose as well as beady eyes made using simple geometric shapes; Ancel claimed in a 2011 interview that "it was quite simple, but funny at the same time."[4]


Rayman's name comes from Ray tracing software Michel Ancel used for the Rayman games.


Rayman is typically found bearing white gloves, a red bandanna on a purple body with a white Ring on it, covering his chest and stomach, and yellow trainers.[5] The Ring appears to have magical properties. Whenever he earned a new power in Rayman, sparkles would appear around the Ring; in Rayman 2, it was used to open the stones holding the masks. One part of his character design is he has no neck, arms or legs, but rather his head, torso, hands and feet appear to float in midair relative each other as though they were attached. His hands and feet usually act like normal appendages (running, using objects, etc.), but some of his abilities involve separating them from his body. He also has a large round nose and blond hair resembling ears divided into two (three in the first game). His attitude, mannerisms, and attire seem to indicate that he is a teenager.

He received a massive design overhaul in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. His hairstyle was redesigned to look more wild and the lines on his face were also changed. His torso was also redesigned to look more rectangular, with his bandana turned into a hood. His trainers were also modified, with a red spot on either side of them (his sneakers in Rayman Origins were a combination of his sneakers from before and after Rayman 3). Players in Rayman Raving Rabbids can dress Rayman in a variety of costumes. They start with the choices of Disco, Gangsta, and Granny; as they unlock more minigames, more costumes, such as Rock 'n' roll, DJ, Gothic and eventually a bunny suit, become available.

Rayman's abilities consist of attacking his enemies by winding up his fists and throwing them at his enemies, floating through the air and descending slowly by using his hair as a helicopter propeller, and the ability to live and survive without his body parts attached. In Rayman 2: The Great Escape, he was granted the ability to attack his enemies with energy balls, rather than throwing his fists. Late in Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc, the Leptys granted Rayman the ability to turn Black Lums into Red Lums with a grimace, indicating a taunt. Also, there were combat fatigues in the game which could give Rayman Heavy Metal Fists that could increase his attack power, a propeller that could make him fly into the air, a missile attack that could make turn Rayman's fist into a powerful missile, a chain that could latch onto specific terrain, and Tornado Gloves.

In video gamesEdit

The manual for Rayman 2 states that Rayman was found by fishermen, having washed up on the shore of the Sea of Lums, and won the trust of the people of the Glade of Dreams by defeating Mr Dark. Upon collecting all 1,000 Lums in the game, the player is told that Rayman is the only being in the Glade not to be dreamt into existence by Polokus, and that his origins and the identity of his parents are a mystery. It is speculated (in the game) that Rayman could be a "chosen one" selected by all the gods of all the worlds, destined to fight against evil.

A different account is provided by Rayman Origins: the launch trailer shows him being created from moonbeams by Betilla the Fairy in the Primordial Forest, destined from creation to protect the Glade of Dreams from Dark forces. The game's manual states that Rayman was created by the nymphs, who dropped a sack of Lums when distracted by some "zombie chickens" on the way to perform the ritual, resulting in Rayman's incomplete, limbless form.

Throughout his adventures, Rayman has accumulated a number of allies. The original game introduces the Magician, Tarayzan, the Musician, and Joe the Extra-Terrestrial, Bzzit the Mosquito, and Betilla the Fairy. Meanwhile, Rayman 2 introduces a largely new cast including the bumbling Globox, the helpful flying greenbottle Murfy, the numerous Teensies, and the mystical Ly the Fairy.

Rayman appears in Tonic Trouble's Ski Slope level and end credits. He also appears as a collectible trophy in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, appearing as a fully rendered model sent to the developers by Ubisoft themselves along with Globox and Barbara.[6] Rayman, along with Globox and Barbara, appear as a guest character in Brawlhalla.[7] Rayman appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit.


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