Raura mountain range

Raura[1][2][3][4][5] (possibly from Quechua rawra gravel)[6] is a mountain range located in the Andes of Peru, on the boundaries of the regions of Huánuco, Lima and Pasco. It extends between 10°21' and 10°31'S and 76°41' and 76°50'W for about 20 km.[5] It lies a few kilometres southeast of Huayhuash mountain range.

Raura mountain range
Raura mountain range is located in Peru
Raura mountain range
Highest point
Elevation5,685 m (18,652 ft)
Length20 km (12 mi) N-S
RegionHuánuco, Lima, Pasco
Range coordinates10°27′S 76°47′W / 10.450°S 76.783°W / -10.450; -76.783Coordinates: 10°27′S 76°47′W / 10.450°S 76.783°W / -10.450; -76.783
Parent rangeAndes


The highest mountain in the range is Yarupac at 5,685 metres (18,652 ft).[7][1] Other mountains are listed below:[8][9]


Some of the largest lakes of the range are Patarcocha, Tinquicocha and Huascacocha.


Notable glaciated areas in this range are: Leon Huaccanan-Azuljanka,[9] which is a plateau of 10 km. long and 2½ km. wide that rises eastward, to a steep cliff in its eastern margin;[1] a tiny ice plateau at the union of the Yarupac-Torre de Cristal ridges;[1] and finally mount Santa Rosa which has the most of the remaining glacier ice.[1] Permanent snow begins at about 5000m in the northern and central parts of the range.[1]

Environmental issuesEdit

This mountain range has a bad conservation status because of mining activity in the area and the ongoing glacier retreat due to climate change.[10] Explosions and pollution of lakes are important disturbances to the local ecosystem caused by mining activity.[1] There are also abandoned facilities of other mining companies in the area.[1]


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