Rashid Al Marikhi

Shaikh Rashid Bin Ibrahim Al Muraikhi (Arabic: الشيخ راشد بن ابراهيم المريخي‎) is a prominent Sufi Sunni Islamic scholar and teacher in Bahrain. He used to be the khateeb of the Shaikh Isa Bin Ali Mosque in Muharraq until 1988. He has been praised for his role in bridging the Sunni-Shia sectarian divide in Bahrain and has warm relations with Shia scholars in Bahrain. As a leader of the Sufi tradition in Bahrain, he has been a target of criticism by puritanical Salafist activists for participating and endorsing Sufi ceremony such as Al-Maulid Al-Nabawi (the birth of Muhammad) in which he recites poems about the event.

His son, Shaikh Ibrahim Al Muraikhi, is the chief justice of the Supreme Sunni Sharia Court in Bahrain and the president of the Imam Malik ibn Anas Society. The Imam Malik Society is the only registered Sufi organization in Bahrain.

Among Shaikh Rashid's published works is Raf' al-Astar 'an Shubuhat wa Dalalat Sahib al- Hiwar ("Exposing the Insinuations and Aggravations of the Author of the 'Debate with al-Maliki").

Among his teachers are Shaikh Mohammed Al Hijazi of Muharraq, Shaikh Mohammed Abil Mulla of al-Hasa, Shaikh Abbas Bin Alawi Al Maliki of Mecca (brother of Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki), and Shaikh Abdul Qadir Al Saggaf [1] of Jeddah.