Raja Ram Jat

Raja Ram Singh (1670–1688) was a Jat leader who organised a rebellion against Aurangzeb. He was chieftain of Sinsini in what became the princely state of Bharatpur, India. Raja Ram was son of Bhajja Singh of Sinsini. Details about the early life of Raja Ram are not available. After the death of Gokula on 1 January 1670, Raja Ram continued the raids against the Mughals.[citation needed]

Raja Ram Jat
Chieftain of Sinsini
FatherBhajja Singh

To avenge the death of Gokula, Raja Ram looted Akbar's tomb and dragged Akbar's bones and burned them with the help of Jat Zamindars of Braj.[1]

Aurangzeb appointed his grandson Muhammad Bidar Bakht as commander to crush the rebellion. On 4 July 1688, Raja Ram Jat was fatally shot.


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