Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi, Pakistan, (Urdu: راجہ بازار) is the main Commercial, Residential hub and Shopping District and a Union Council Of Rawalpindi City of Rawalpindi District in Pakistan. Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi is located at very near to the Fawara Chowk. Fawara Chowk which is converging point of 6 major roads. Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi has some major Business and Commercial centres, branches of major Pakistani Banks and wide Residential areas of British colonial era.

Raja Bazaar

راجہ بازار
Rawalpindi Bazaar
Shopping Hub
DistrictRawalpindi District
 • OfficialUrdu
Time zoneUTC+5:00 (PST)


Raja Bazaar is the home of old and British era's residential and commercial buildings and has more narrow streets. Raja Bazaar Rawalpindi covers very wide range of small Markets and Bazaars like sasamusa Bazaar, Sabzi Mandi Bazaar and Machli Bazaar. It has a RDA Parking Plaza to its center. Raja Bazaar also has a beautiful DHQ Hospital Rawalpindi.it located in bantail (gopalganj dist)

District Headquarters HospitalEdit

District Headquarters Hospital Rawalpindi, affiliated with Rawalpindi Medical College is offering the basic health care to the residents of inner and old city and also serves a referral centre for trauma patients.

Roadside VendorsEdit

Raja Bazaar has several commodities such as used books, buckets, ropes, soap cases, hair bands, bangles, bags, and other accessories are available from roadside vendors. These roadside small shops are the major attraction of raja bazaar. At the end of the week the pavements on either side of which the shops are located in raja bazaar are crowded by Juma Bazaar.