Rairok (Marshallese: Rairōk, [rˠɑːiːrˠɤk][1]) is a town in the Marshall Islands. It is located on the southeastern side Majuro Atoll, between Delap in the east and Ajeltake in the west.[2]

Majuro Atoll map

On January 30, 1944, United States troops invaded and built a large base, Naval Base Majuro. [3][4]


Population about 2000 with half under the age of 15. As of the census of 1988, the population numbered 2021, on a land area of 0.622 km2 (62.2 hectares).[5] Almost half of the population (924 out of 2021) were under the age of 15.[6] In 1999, the population count was 3846,[7] and for 2009, the population was estimated at 6390.[8] There is an elementary school, a small dry goods store and a bus stop. It overlooks the inner bay of the Majuro Atoll.

Marshall Islands International Airport, located immediately west of Rairok Islet, is considered part of the town.[9] It had been built on Anenelibw and Lokojbar islets.[10]


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Coordinates: 7°04′18″N 171°18′54″E / 7.07167°N 171.31500°E / 7.07167; 171.31500