Ragnvald Sigurdsson

Ragnvald Sigurdsson (c. 750 – after 814) was a lord of Huseby, in Lista (modern Norway).

He is best known for the marriage of his daughter, Gunnhild Ragnvaldsdatter, to Harald Granraude, king of Agder. Ragnvald also had a son, Olve Ragnvaldsson.

Ragnvald is not mentioned in accounts of events after 814, when Harald Granraude was killed by Gudrød the Hunter.

Haraldr Hárfagri ("Harald Fair-hair"; c. 850 – c. 932), who has usually been regarded as the first King of Norway, was a great-great-grandson of Ragnvald Sigurdsson, a great-grandson of Harald Granraude and a grandson of Gudrød the Hunter.

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