Radoald of Benevento

Radoald (also Raduald) (died 651) was the duke of Benevento (the southernmost Lombard duchy in medieval Italy) from 646 to his death in 651. His elder brother, Aiulf, was mentally unstable and Radoald and their younger brother Grimoald served as regents. Radoald and Grimoald were brothers and younger sons of Gisulf II of Friuli and Romilda of Friuli. They were adopted sons of Arechis I of Benevento, of whom Aiulf was a natural son.

In 646, Slavic plunderers landed near Siponto on the Adriatic. Aiulf personally led his forces against the intruders, but his horse fell into a pit dug by the Slavs around their camp and he was surrounded and killed. Radoald succeeded him with the support of King Rothari. Radoald knew the Slavic language and induced them to depart. He was succeeded by Grimoald.

Regnal titles
Preceded by
Aiulf I
Duke of Benevento
Succeeded by
Grimoald I