Radio 101 (Croatia)

Radio 101 is a Croatian independent radio station, with broadcasts made of alternative and latest music and breaking news. It broadcasts from Zagreb (Croatian capital) and has a regional license for the City of Zagreb and the Zagreb County,[1] an audience of about 1,200,000 people.[citation needed] It is one of the most popular radio stations in Zagreb and in Croatia.

Radio 101
Logo radio101.png
Broadcast areaCity of Zagreb
Zagreb County
Frequency101.0 MHz
First air date
8 May 1984 (1984-05-08)
Last air date
31 May 2021
Technical information
ERP120 kW

It started broadcasting in 1984 under the name Omladinski radio, following the Belgrade based Studio Bscheme, using the frequency of 101 MHz. It got its current name in 1990.

In 1996 Radio 101 came to national prominence as a vocal critic to the ruling party (Croatian Democratic Union) which retaliated by revoking its broadcasting license in favor of a novelty radio station. In response to this, around 120,000 people protested[2][3] on the main square in Zagreb and helped keep Radio 101 on the air. This was also part of a larger series of events in Zagreb known as the Zagreb Crisis.

Radio 101 continuously emphasises independent journalism and democratic values. Their wacky morning shows have been very popular for years, and they also broadcast a large number of various specialised music shows where many new releases are heard for the first time in Croatia.

In 2010, the radio was in a large debt (approx. 20 mil. HRK), and the majority of employees organized a strike.[4] It was declared bankrupt on 11 January 2011,[5] but the broadcast continued. In September 2012, the company came out of bankruptcy.[citation needed].

On May 31, 2021, the station lost the license for the broadcast and went off air, but are still present online with internet streaming.

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