Racha Range (Georgian: რაჭის ქედი) is a longitudinal mountain range in Georgia, a southern part of the Caucasus mountains. Administratively, the Racha Range is located in Ambrolauri, Oni, Sachkhere and Tkibuli Municipalities.[1]

Racha Range
mount Satsalike
Highest point
PeakLebeuris mta
Elevation2,862.7 m (9,392 ft)
Length107 km (66 mi)
Width25 km (16 mi)
Racha Range is located in Georgia
Racha Range
Countries Georgia
Range coordinates42°27′36″N 43°39′07″E / 42.46000°N 43.65194°E / 42.46000; 43.65194Coordinates: 42°27′36″N 43°39′07″E / 42.46000°N 43.65194°E / 42.46000; 43.65194
Parent rangeCaucasus Mountains
Borders onGreater Caucasus
Type of rockMesozoic

It extends from the mountain Zekara (3828 m) to Rioni river left side.[2] The length of the ridge is 107 km and width is about 25 km. The highest point of the Racha Range is 2,862.7 metres high mount Lebeuris mta. Other notable peaks include Daghverila (2726 m), Potskhvrevi (2,402.3 m), Khikhata (2239,2 m), Satsalike (1996 m), Veltkevi (1,927.1 m), Garjila (1829 m), Nakerala (1570 m). Multiple passes throughout the range: Leta Pass (3001 m), Khikhata pass (2030 m), Ertso pass (1790 m), Nakerala pass (1218 m) and other.[3] Its eastern part composed mainly jurassic slates and porphyritic series, and west side cretaceous limestone.[4]

Its north side located Shaori karst depression. Racha Range has glacial and karst landform, including cirque, sinkhole and polje. It is mostly covered by broad-leaved forests, beech forest, hardwood forests. Highest part has alpine and subalpine landscapes.[2]


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