ROH World Television Championship

The ROH World Television Championship is a professional wrestling world television championship in the Ring of Honor (ROH) promotion. With the introduction of the ROH World Television Championship, the television type championship returned to national exposure.[1]

ROH World Television Championship
ROH TV title.jpg
The current ROH World Television Championship belt
PromotionRing of Honor (ROH)
Date establishedJanuary 20, 2010[1]
Current champion(s)Dragon Lee
Date wonDecember 13, 2019

There has been a total of eighteen reigns shared between fifteen champions. The first champion was crowned on March 5, 2010, when Eddie Edwards defeated Davey Richards in the finals of a tournament.[2][3][4]

The current champion is Dragon Lee, who is in his first reign.[5] Jay Lethal's second reign is the longest in the title's history. During that reign, Lethal also won the ROH World Championship in a Title vs. Title match at Best in the World 2015.


The creation of the ROH World Television Championship was announced via ROH's official website on January 20, 2010.[1][6] An eight-man single elimination tournament was then planned to determine the inaugural champion. The tournament was to start on February 4 and conclude on February 6, 2010 at The Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the tapings of ROH's television program Ring of Honor Wrestling.[6] Regarding the new championship addition, ROH President Cary Silkin said, "We’ve been talking about adding a secondary championship for some time. Not only will this give the athletes of Ring of Honor another tremendous goal to work towards, it will also give our great partner, HDNet, a championship that is sure to be defended on the television program. We’re happy to publicly give thanks to HDNet for giving us the chance to add this title to the television show...".[6]

It is ROH's second secondary singles championship in their history. The ROH Pure Championship was used from February 14, 2004 to August 12, 2006, prior its unification with the ROH World Championship.[7] After the championship announcement, wrestling columnist James Caldwell gave his comments: "I like the idea. It gives mid-card wrestlers on ROH's roster something to fight for in the context of trying to win a wrestling match to "move up the company ladder." Caldwell further remarked that "ROH bringing back the TV Title to national TV is consistent with ROH's current marketing under Jim Cornette to "re-capture an old-school flavor" to their product."[1]

After the Ring of Honor Wrestling show was cancelled in March 2011, the title became inactive. Although Daniels stopped defending it, he still carried the belt with him as part of his villainous character. With the sale of ROH to the Sinclair Broadcast Group and a new television show scheduled to air in September, ROH reinstated the title for June's Best in The World event.[8][9]


Inaugural-champion Eddie Edward

The tournament was scheduled to span over a two-day weekend, starting on February 5 and ending on February 6 at events recorded for later broadcast on Ring of Honor Wrestling.[6] However, due to severe weather conditions in the Philadelphia area, the second day of taping was canceled.[10] It was not until almost a month later, on March 5, that ROH held the second recorded event, which closed out the tournament.[11] The first four seeds of eight in the tournament were announced on January 22, 2010: Rhett Titus (8), El Generico (7), Eddie Edwards (6), and Delirious (5).[12] The other four seeds were announced on January 26, 2010: Kevin Steen (1), Kenny King (2), Colt Cabana (3), and Davey Richards (4).[13] The first round was determined at the first event on February 5, with Steen, King, Richards, and Edwards all advancing to round two.[14] On March 5, Edwards and Richards both advanced to the finals, where Edwards defeat Richards to be crowned the first ROH World Television Champion.[2][11] The matches were scheduled to span over six episodes of Ring of Honor Wrestling.[1] The first match from round one that aired pitted Steen against Titus, which Steen won, on the March 8 episode.[15] On the same episode, King versus El Generico was featured, with King advancing.[15] Cabana versus Edwards was the third match from round one to air, when it was broadcast on the March 15 episode.[16] Richards defeated Delirious in the final match from round one, which aired later in the same episode.[16] The first match from round two, Steen versus Edwards, was featured on the April 12 episode, in which Edwards advanced to the finals.[17] On the April 19 episode, Richards defeated King to advance to the finals.[18] On the April 26 episode, Edwards defeated Richards in the finals of the tournament to become the first ROH World Television Champion.[3]

Tournament Bracket
Round One
(Ring of Honor Wrestling)
Round Two
(Ring of Honor Wrestling)
(Ring of Honor Wrestling)
1 Kevin Steen Pin
8 Rhett Titus [N 1]
Kevin Steen [N 1]
Eddie Edwards Pin
3 Colt Cabana 10:00[16]
6 Eddie Edwards Pin
Eddie Edwards Sub
Davey Richards 20:02[11]
5 Delirious 13:30[16]
4 Davey Richards Pin
Davey Richards Pin
Kenny King [N 1]
7 El Generico [N 1]
2 Kenny King Pin

Belt designsEdit

The championship belt was introduced on March 5, 2010, when it was given to the newly crowned inaugural champion Eddie Edwards.[2] The physical championship belt was designed All Star Championship Belts d/b/a ASCB, LLC. The title's base is a black leather strap that is covered with four small silver plates. The center of the title has one large silver plate. All plates have an inner blue covering. The two small outer plates have a caricature of the earth and a satellite in orbit. The middle plates have figures resembling a cameraman filming a television production. Underneath each figure, lies the ROH logo and the words "Ring of Honor Wrestling". The central plate has the engravings of the ROH logo as well as the statement "World Television Wrestling Champion" hovering above the backdrop of a city, with a television lying on top of a globe with an overhead shot of a wrestling ring between them in front of the skyline.[N 2] The design was changed again in November 2012 to its current design during the reign of Adam Cole, the new design seemed to be based on the WCW World Six-Man Tag Team Championship.[19] During Jay Lethal's record-setting reign, the belt design was modified to emphasize the "ROH Champion" portion of the title, with Lethal claiming the championship was more prestigious than the ROH World Championship because he was the champion.

On January 1, 2018, ROH announced on their YouTube page that their World Tag, Six Man World Tag Team, and World Television Championships will receive new designs which will debut at the next set of television tapings.


Overall, there have been 23 reigns by 19 wrestlers. The inaugural champion was Eddie Edwards, who defeated Davey Richards in the finals of an eight-man tournament on March 5, 2010.[2]

Dragon Lee is the current champion in his first reign as champion. He won the title by defeating previous champion Shane Taylor on December 13, 2019 in Baltimore, Maryland, Canada during the Final Battle 2019 pay-per-view.

No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
+ Current reign is changing daily
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days
1 Eddie Edwards March 5, 2010 Ring of Honor Wrestling Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 280 Edwards defeated Davey Richards in the finals of an eight-man tournament to become the inaugural champion. The event aired on tape delay on April 26, 2010 [2][3][4]
2 Christopher Daniels December 10, 2010 Ring of Honor Wrestling Louisville, Kentucky 1 198 Aired on tape delay January 31, 2011 [20][21]
3 El Generico June 26, 2011 Best in the World 2011 New York, New York 1 48 [22]
4 Jay Lethal August 13, 2011 Ring of Honor Wrestling Chicago Ridge, Illinois 1 231 Aired on tape delay October 1, 2011 [23][24]
5 Roderick Strong March 31, 2012 Showdown in the Sun: Day #2 Fort Lauderdale, Florida 1 90 [25]
6 Adam Cole June 29, 2012 Ring of Honor Wrestling Baltimore, Maryland 1 246 Aired on tape delay July 28, 2012 [26]
7 Matt Taven March 2, 2013 11th Anniversary Show Chicago Ridge, Illinois 1 287 [27]
8 Tommaso Ciampa December 14, 2013 Final Battle 2013 New York City, New York 1 111 [28]
9 Jay Lethal April 4, 2014 Supercard of Honor VIII Westwego, Louisiana 2 567 This was a two out of three falls match [29]
10 Roderick Strong October 23, 2015 Glory By Honor XIV Kalamazoo, Michigan 2 119 [30]
11 Tomohiro Ishii February 19, 2016 Honor Rising: Japan 2016 Tokyo, Japan 1 79 [31]
12 Bobby Fish May 8, 2016 Global Wars (2016) Chicago Ridge, Illinois 1 194 [32]
13 Will Ospreay November 18, 2016 Reach for the Sky Tour 2016 Liverpool, England 1 2 [33]
14 Marty Scurll November 20, 2016 Reach for the Sky Tour 2016 London, England 1 175 [34]
15 Kushida May 14, 2017 War of the Worlds (2017) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 131 [35]
16 Kenny King September 22, 2017 Death Before Dishonor XV Las Vegas, Nevada 1 84 [36]
17 Silas Young December 15, 2017 Final Battle (2017) New York City, New York 1 57 This was a four-way elimination match also including Punishment Martinez and Shane Taylor [37]
18 Kenny King February 10, 2018 Ring of Honor Wrestling Atlanta, Georgia 2 56 Aired on tape delay February 25, 2018 [38]
19 Silas Young April 7, 2018 Supercard of Honor XII New Orleans, Louisiana 2 70 This was a last man standing match
20 Punishment Martinez June 16, 2018 State of the Art, Day 2 Dallas, Texas 1 105 This was a Proving Ground Six-Man Mayhem Instant Reward match
21 Jeff Cobb September 29, 2018 Ring of Honor Wrestling Las Vegas, Nevada 1 222 Aired on tape delay October 19, 2018 [39]
22 Shane Taylor May 9, 2019 ROH/NJPW War Of The Worlds, Day 2 Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1 218 This was a four corner survival match also involving Brody King and Hirooki Goto [40]
23 Dragon Lee/Ryu Lee December 13, 2019 Final Battle 2019 Baltimore, Maryland 1 351+ During his reign, he wrestled as Ryu Lee in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Combined reignsEdit

Current-champion Dragon Lee/Ryu Lee
Jay Lethal, a record setting two-time and longest reigning ROH World Television Champion, with the title belt in August 2011

As of November 28, 2020.

Indicates the current champion
Rank [1] Wrestler No. of
1 Jay Lethal 2 798
2 Dragon Lee/Ryu Lee 1 351+
3 Matt Taven 1 287
4 Eddie Edwards 1 280
5 Adam Cole 1 246
6 Jeff Cobb 1 222
7 Shane Taylor 1 218
8 Roderick Strong 2 209
9 Christopher Daniels 1 198
10 Bobby Fish 1 194
11 Marty Scurll 1 175
12 Kenny King 2 140
13 Kushida 1 131
14 Silas Young 2 127
15 Tommaso Ciampa 1 111
16 Punishment Martinez 1 105
17 Tomohiro Ishii 1 79
18 El Generico 1 48
19 Will Ospreay 1 2


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