RMN Newsletter

RMN Newsletter is a peer-reviewed and open access academic journal published on a bi-annual basis by the University of Helsinki’s Department of Folklore Studies.[1] Published in both digital and print editions, RMN Newsletter covers topics relevant to folkloristics, linguistics, history, archaeology, and philology, especially in the areas of Germanic studies, Finno-Ugric studies, and Baltic studies. The publication places particular emphasis on what the journal refers to as "retrospective methods", a research method that compares material recorded in differing periods.[2]

Since its inception in December 2010, the journal has been edited by Frog, a University of Helsinki docent. RMN Newsletter originated as a development of the Retrospective Methods Network, a coalition of academics who launched the journal at a conference for the organization, New Focus on Retrospective Methods (September 13–14, 2010).[1]


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