REMA 1000

REMA 1000 is a multinational no-frills soft-discount grocery chain owned entirely by the Reitan Group (Reitangruppen). REMA is a short for Reitan Mat (Reitan Food), referring to Odd Reitan (founder of the company). 1000 refers to offering a selection of only one thousand different products (see the history section).

REMA 1000
TypeDiscount store
Founded1979 in Trondheim, Trøndelag, Norway
Number of locations
868 (2016)
Area served
Norway, Denmark
RevenueNOK 20.6 billion (2004)
Number of employees
20,252 (2016)
REMA 1000 store at Vesterport Copenhagen, Denmark

With their headquarters located in Oslo, Norway, REMA 1000 includes businesses in Norway and Denmark. The chain is based on a franchised discount concept: buying large quantities of a limited range of products and offering these to semi-independent owners under their brand. By the end of 2016, Rema 1000 had a total amount of 868 stores spread across Norway and Denmark.[1]

By 2016, the retailer captured 24,2% of the total revenue by all Norwegian grocers,[2] taking the lead over its closest rival Kiwi.

The storesEdit

REMA 1000 stores are known for not spending large sums on aesthetics. As a matter of fact one of the chain's slogans is "The simple is often the best" (Norwegian: "Det enkle er ofte det beste") and this reflects on the layout concept in the stores. Products are often positioned by crate or even by pallet to save the cost of positioning them in a more attractive way, a strategy not unique to REMA. It is still REMA 1000's official policy of not letting cost-saving damage the basic idea of simplicity (in accordance with the slogan). Wide corridors and informative signs are therefore present to simplify the shopping.


Odd Reitan, the founder of the company, opened the first REMA store in Trondheim, Norway, 15 February 1979. Originally some stores were named 'REMA 500', indicating its number of food variety (later to be expanded). The owners had recently visited Germany where they had been impressed by the Albrecht brothers (Theo and Karl) hard-discount chain ALDI's success. They wanted to adapt the ALDI concept to Norwegian conditions.

Originally REMA attempted success with a selection of only 500-600 different products, but soon realised that this selection was too narrow. The success of the third REMA store (opened in Mo i Rana, 8 May 1980) with a selection of 1,000 different products, paved way for the REMA 1000 brand. Since then, REMA 1000 have expanded their selection to more than 2,500 different products,[3] but the name does not reflect this development.

In 2004, the chain celebrated its 25-year anniversary.

In April 2010, REMA 1000 decided to stop selling eggs from cage hens by the year 2012, to coincide with the scheduled EU-wide prohibition on battery cages.[4]

Countries with REMA 1000 storesEdit

Stores Country Employees Revenue Market share Debut year Comment
616 (2018)[5] Norway 20,252 (2016)[1] NOK 17,621 mill (  4.6%) (2004) 24.2% (2016)[1] 1979 Headquarters are located in Oslo
270 (2016) Denmark 10,000+ (2016) NOK 2,935 mill (  10.2%) (2004) 15% (2020) 1994 Danish headquarters are located in Horsens
0 Slovakia 1993 sold
0 Poland 1993 sold in 2003
0 Hungary 1998 sold in 2002


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