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Richard Bruce Wernham, FBA (11 October 1906 – 17 April 1999) was an English historian of Elizabethan England. After his death The Times called him "the leading historian of English foreign policy in the 16th century".[1]

Wernham, the son of a farmer, was educated at Newbury Grammar School and Exeter College, Oxford, where he achieved a first in modern history in 1927.[1] In 1930 he was appointed a temporary assistant at the Public Record Office as part of a scheme designed to help young scholars achieve archival knowledge and editorial experience in preparation for a career in academia.[1] He was appointed editor of the State Papers foreign series and edited its successor, the List and Analysis of State Papers.[1] In 1934 Wernham was elected Fellow of Trinity College, which he would hold until 1951.[2]

In 1939 he married Isobel MacMillan, with whom he had a daughter.[1] During the Second World War he served in the Royal Air Force at the photographic interpretation unit at Medmenham in Buckinghamshire, where his main duty was in identifying appropriate landing sites for Special Operations Executive agents.[1]

Wernham was Professor of Modern History and Fellow at Worcester College, Oxford from 1951 until 1972.[3]

In his 1984 work, After the Armada, Wernham argued that the strain of an expensive Continental war was a factor that helped pave the way for the English Civil War.[1] In 1997 he was elected to the British Academy.[1]


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