Røykenvik Station

Røykenvik Station (Norwegian: Røykenvik stasjon) was the terminal station of the Røykenvik Line. Located in Gran, Norway, it opened on 20 December 1900 as part of the North Line. The station was first called Røikenvik, but changed to the current spelling in April 1924. The station was a changeover from train to steam ship. It was eventually closed along with the Røykenvik Line.

Røykenvik - Bryggerhuset.jpg
Preserved station building.
Coordinates60°25′48″N 10°28′21″E / 60.4301°N 10.4724°E / 60.4301; 10.4724Coordinates: 60°25′48″N 10°28′21″E / 60.4301°N 10.4724°E / 60.4301; 10.4724
Elevation137.6 m
Owned byNorwegian State Railways
Operated byNorwegian State Railways
Line(s)Røykenvik Line
Distance78.61 km
Opened20 December 1900

The nameEdit

The station is named after a nearby inlet in Randsfjorden. The first element is the name of the old farm Røyken (Norse Raukvin), the last element is vik 'inlet, cove'. For the meaning of the farm name see Røyken.

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