Touraine Regiment

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Founded in 1625, the Régiment de Touraine was a French infantry regiment raised in the province of Touraine.

Régiment de Touraine
Rég de Touraine 1636.png
Colours of the Régiment de Touraine
Allegiance France
BranchFrench Army
EngagementsHuguenot rebellions
Franco-Spanish War (1635–1659)
Franco-Dutch War
War of the Reunions
Nine Years War
War of the Spanish Succession
War of the Polish Succession
War of the Austrian Succession
Seven Years' War
American Revolutionary War


At the end of 1624, the Protestant stronghold of La Rochelle sent an expedition and besieged Port Louis in Brittany. As no troops were stationed in this province at this time, Louis XIII sent Marshal Bassompierre, which, from Angers, urged Baron du Plessis-Joigny, governor of this city, to create an infantry regiment. The Protestant expedition on Port-Louis was cancelled before the arrival of the newly raised regiment, but it victoriously took part to the siege of the rebellious city between 1627 and 1628.[1][2]

In May 1636 the regiment received the name of Touraine and its regimental flags. During the Fronde the colonels took advantage of the weakening of royal authority and did away with the provincial title of their regiments. Subsequently, the Touraine regiment appeared as the Régiment d'Amboise, de Kercado or de Chambellay according to the name of its colonel.[1][2]

Franco-Spanish WarEdit

During the Franco-Spanish War, the Regiment de Touraine participated to the Italian campaign where it successfully attacked Spanish possessions in Northern Italy, including Ceva, Pianezza, Mondovì and took part to the famous siege of Turin.[1]

Franco-Dutch War and War of the ReunionsEdit

After Turenne's death, the regiment participated to the siege of Valenciennes (1676-1677) the Battle of Cassel (1677) and the Siege of Luxembourg (1684).[2]

Nine Years WarEdit

War of the Spanish SuccessionEdit

War of the Polish SuccessionEdit

War of the Austrian SuccessionEdit

The regiment was present at the battle of Fontenoy 1745 and the sieges of Tournai, Termonde and Ath. In 1746 it fought at the battle of Rocoux and the siege of Namur. In 1747 it was at the battle of Lauffeld and participated at the siege of Bergen op Zoom. It was at the siege of Maastricht in 1748.[3]

Seven Years' WarEdit

In 1757 Touraine fought at battle of Hastenbeck. It was at the battle of Krefeld in 1758. The regiment was present at the battle of Minden in 1759 and the siege of Mǚnster. It fought at Warburg in 1760, covering the retreat of the army.[4]

American Revolutionary WarEdit

The regiment, commanded by Vicomte de Poudeux, was among forces under Saint Simon brought from the West Indies to Yorktown. Régiment de Touraine principal engagements: Yorktown ; St Christophe ; Les Saintes.

French RevolutionEdit

In 1791, the provincial names of the French regiments were abolished and a number was assigned to each of them. Thus the regiment of Touraine became the 33rd line infantry regiment.


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