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Quantum Theatre is a professional theatre company that produces experimental productions in non-traditional performance spaces around the Pittsburgh area. Founded in 1990 by Karla Boos, current Artistic Director, the company aims to incorporate influences from world culture and the international theatre scene. Additional staff members include Stewart Urist, Managing Director, and Teresa Trich, Director of Operations.[1]

Quantum Theatre
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The theatre has been mentioned in American Theatre Magazine and Stage Directions Magazine.[2] It has staged classical plays, adaptations of literature, world premieres and contemporary plays in places such as Washington's Landing, Iron City Brewery, the former Don Allen Auto City, a Downtown loft in the Cultural District, abandoned school houses and the Frick Art & Historical Center.[3][4][5][6][7]


Quantum Theatre also features an educational outreach program in which a teaching artist helps students at inner-city high schools interpret a play, a piece of literature, or a historical event in contemporary terms. The students then create a performance to be showcased at a rehearsal for a Quantum Theatre production.[8]

On January 30, 2012, Quantum Theatre was one of twelve companies to participate in Organic Theater Pittsburgh's From the Ground Up event to promote collaborations between Pittsburgh playwrights and local theater troupes.[9]

Current SeasonEdit

Quantum Theatre mounted the world premiere of Red Hills in August 2017 in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. This production was co-produced by New York-based theatre company En Garde Arts.[10] Red Hills, written by Sean Christopher Lewis and directed by Katie Pearl, tells the story of three characters as they relive their experience of the Rwandan genocide of 1994.[11]

In October 2017, Quantum Theatre opened Tom Stoppard’s The Hard Problem at the Energy Innovation Center. The play, directed by Rachel M. Stevens, tells the story of Hilary (played by Alex Spieth), a young psychologist, as she seeks to understand and define human consciousness.[12][13]

Quantum Theatre’s final production of their 2018-2019 season will be the world premiere of Inside Passage, opening in March 2018.[14] The play was written by Pittsburgh’s Gab Cody, whose work was most recently featured in Bricolage Production Company’s Dodo: The Time Has Come in partnership with the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh. Directed by Sam Turich, Inside Passage incorporates documentary film footage and live performance to explore themes of family, home, childhood, and loss.[15]

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