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Chimerica is a 2013 play by the British dramatist Lucy Kirkwood directed by Lyndsey Turner. It draws its title from the term Chimerica, referring to the predominance of China and America in modern geopolitics. It premiered at the Almeida Theatre from 20 May 2013 to 6 July 2013, in a production co-produced with Headlong[1] before transferring to the Harold Pinter Theatre.[2] A miniseries of the same name was released in 2019.


Actor[3] Character(s)[3]
Claudie Blakley Tessa Kendrick
Stephen Campbell Moore Joe Schofield
Elizabeth Chan Liuli/Jennifer
Vera Chok / Wendy Kweh Michelle/Mary Chang/Deng
Karl Collins David Barker/Peter Rourke/Paul Kramer/Officer Hyte
Trevor Cooper Frank/Herb/Drug Dealer
Nancy Crane Doreen/Maria Dubiecki/Judy
Sean Gilder Mel Stanwick
Sarah Lam Feng Meihui/Ming Xiaoli
Andrew Leung Young Zhang Lin/Benny
David K S Tse Zhang Wei/Wang Pengsi
Benedict Wong Zhang Lin
Rosie Armstrong Ensemble/Understudy for Tessa Kendrick, Doreen, Maria Dubiecki, Judy
Tina Chiang Ensemble/Understudy for Liuli, Jennifer, Michelle, Mary Chang, Deng, Feng Meihui, Ming Xiaoli
Christopher Hollinshead Ensemble/Understudy for Joe Schofield
Math Sams Ensemble/Understudy for David Barker, Peter Rourke, Paul Kramer, Officer Hyte, Frank, Herb, Drug Dealer, Mel Stanwick
Kevin Shen Ensemble/Understudy for Zhang Lin, Young Zhang Lin, Benny, Zhang Wei, Wang Pengsi


The Almeida production was described in one review[4] as "fluent and seductive", with a "filmic quality", with the multiple set changes well-handled.

Lucy Kirkwood won an Evening Standard Award for Best Play.[citation needed]

It won the 2014 Olivier Award for best new play, best director (Lyndsey Turner), best lighting (Tim Lutkin and Finn Ross), best sound (Carolyn Downing) and best set design (Es Devlin).[5]


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