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The Qandil Mountains (Kurdish: چیای قەندیلÇiyayên Qendîl), are a mountainous area of Iraqi Kurdistan near the Iraq-Iran border. The region belongs to the Zagros mountain range and is difficult to access, with extremely rugged terrain. The highest peaks reach over 3,000m.

Qandil Mountains
Çiyakanî Qendîl
Qandil Mountains is located in Iraq
Qandil Mountains
Qandil Mountains
Arbil, Iraq (near IraqIran border)
Highest point
Elevation3,587 m (11,768 ft)
Coordinates36°32′28″N 44°59′46″E / 36.54111°N 44.99611°E / 36.54111; 44.99611Coordinates: 36°32′28″N 44°59′46″E / 36.54111°N 44.99611°E / 36.54111; 44.99611
LocationArbil, Iraq (near IraqIran border)
Parent rangeZagros

The area is notable as a sanctuary and headquarters for the Kurdish group Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Approximately 5,000 PKK and other armed factions control an area of roughly 50 km², which has been sporadically bombarded by the Turkish Air Force and shelled by Iranian artillery for several years. The group Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) is also stationed in Qandil alongside the PKK, which allows them to infiltrate into Iran. The main leader in the area is Murat Karayılan.[1]

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