Qadam e Rasool, Cuttack

Qadam e Rasool (foot-print of Mohammed), situated at Cuttack, is a shrine and an important specimen of Mughal architecture in Odisha.[1] In the Qadam Rasool premises are present numerous dargahs, two masjids, namely Moti Masjid and Qadam e Rasool Masjid and several inscriptions.[2]

Qadam e Rasool
Main dome of Qadam e Rasool
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusDargah
LocationDargaah Bazaar, Cuttack, Odisha
Geographic coordinates20°29′4.67″N 85°51′51.93″E / 20.4846306°N 85.8644250°E / 20.4846306; 85.8644250
StyleMughal architecture
Date established18th century
Direction of façadeWest

Researcher Mohammed Yamin said: "Architecturally, it is a beautiful shrine of the Mughal era, but with an Odia style of temple building. Hence, it is a fusion of Hindu-Muslim architecture in Odisha."[3]

Graveyard edit

Inside the shrine, there is a big graveyard in which many notable personalities including Shaheed Pani, Atharuddin Mohammed, Mohammad Mohsin, Muhammad Taqi Khan, Sayeed Mohammed, Begum Badar un nissa Akhtar, Afzal-ul Amin, Sikandar Alam, Dr. Hussain Rabi Gandhi are buried. The shrine also has several Persian inscriptions.[2]

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