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Northeastern Tasmanian, or Pyemmairre, is an aboriginal language of Tasmania.

Northeastern Tasmanian
RegionNorth-eastern corner of Tasmania
EthnicityNortheastern and Ben Lomond tribes of Tasmanians
Extinct19th century
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
AIATSIS[2]T7 Ben Lomond, T9 Cape Portland, T14 Piper River

It is identified in the reconstruction of Claire Bowern.[3] It was spoken in the northeastern corner of the island.

Northeastern Tasmanian is attested from three word lists of Charles Robinson and George Augustus Robinson: From Cape Portland (366 words), Ben Lomond (195 words), and Pipers River (126 words).[4] Bowern also includes the language of the Port Dalrymple vocabulary (125 words) collected by J.-P. Gaimard in the Tamar River region of the North Midlands; however, it is divergent, and Dixon & Crowley consider it to be a distinct language.[5]

The name Pyemmairre may not include the highland people of Ben Lomond, for which Plangermaireener ("Plangamerina") has been used.


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