Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani (translation: This is a story of love) is an Indian supernatural television series produced by Ekta Kapoor that aired on STAR One from 18 October 2010 to 15 December 2011. The show was earlier tentatively titled "Fanaa".[2] It was one of the more "ambitious" projects by producer Ekta Kapoor.[3][4] Vivian Dsena's portrayal of a vampire in the show helped establish his public notability. The show was quite popular in its run and garnered appreciation from audience.[5]

Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani
Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani.jpg
Created byEkta Kapoor
Written byRitu Bhatia (dialogues)
Screenplay byAthlea Kaushal
Story bySonali Jaffar
Directed byPartho Mitra, Raminder Singh Suri, Ashish Shrivatav and Nitesh Singh
Creative directors
  • Prashant Bhatt
  • Chloe Ferns
  • Meet Kohli
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes331[1]
Production locationsMumbai, Maharashtra
CinematographyMahesh Talkad
  • Vikas Sharma
  • Vishal Sharma
  • Sandeep Bhatt
  • Rajiv Yadav
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time24 minutes
Production companyBalaji Telefilms
Original networkSTAR One
Picture format576i
Original release18 October 2010 (2010-10-18) –
15 December 2011 (2011-12-15)


The story follows Abhay Raichand (Vivian Dsena) a 200-year-old vampire, who falls for an orphan Piya (Sukirti Kandpal), who looks exactly like Maithili (also played by Sukirti Kandpal) who was his soulmate when he was human.

The series begins with Piyali Jaiswal, a bright girl from an orphanage getting the scholarship for a prominent college in Dehradun, Mount College. Piya and her mother Sugandh (Neeta Shetty) were left by her father, Arnab (Anupam Bhattacharya) when she was a kid. After the death of her mother due to cancer, she has been living in the orphanage for the past 10 years. At the college she is befriended by Misha Dobriyal, who introduces her to Kabir Rathore, her best friend and his petty girlfriend T or Tanushri Ambolkar. The first day, as the four go mountain rappelling, Piya falls and an unknown person saves her. This unknown guy whom she met earlier when arriving in Dehradun too is Abhay Raichand, as she finds out the next day in college. The Raichands become a big name in the city as they arrive randomly, buy out an old empty house on the outskirts of the city, and also many deals from prominent older businessmen of the city like Misha's father, Mr. Dobriyal. Abhay is rude and arrogant, and when the principal does not give him admission, the family gets him evicted and appoint a new principal in his place. Abhay and Piya collide several times and fight every time. When one of her roommates, try to get Piya charged for drugs at the hostel, Mr. Dobriyal arrve to save her on Misha's behest. At this time Piya realizes that Mr. Dobriyal is her father Arnab and Misha (Priya Wal) and Panchi (Vahbbiz Dorabjee) are her step-sisters and Madhu (Papiya Sengupta) her step-mother. She tries to hide this from them all as Arnab doesn't recognize an older Piya, whom he was told died along with Sugandh in a car crash.

A new roommate, Maya arrives but it is soon found out that she is pregnant and being abused by her boyfriend. Due to certain misunderstandings, Piya thinks Abhay is her boyfriend and at a point of time Maya also accepts this. Although Piya is utterly charmed and attracted to Abhay but his rudeness and attitude makes her believe that he is the culprit. However, she soon finds out that Abhay is innocent and is actually trying to find out the real culprit, who is Danish, Panchi's fiancé. When Piya confronts Danish, he threatens her and Abhay arrives just in time to save Piya. Piya then goes to his house, but faces immense humiliation the next day as Abhay's parents, Chand and Haseena arrive at the college to oust the girl who spent the night at their home. Piya tries to tell the Dobriyals the truth but Danish instead puts the entire blame on her, saying that she kept throwing herself at him. Although Misha finds out the truth, she was too drunk to remember and the phone which had the recorded confession gets thrown in water. Finally to let the truth out, Piya and Maya dress up as ballet girls to dance in Danish's bachelor's party. Abhay, in his anger, ends up calling Piya 'Maithili'. There, with the help of Kabir, they oust his truth to everyone. Madhu soon finds out that Piya is Sugandh's daughter and asks her to please not tell Misha and Panchi otherwise their entire life will fall away. However, she tells her that she can always become a part of the family if she wants, but Piya is too angry with Arnab to agree to this.

Piya has seen Abhay do several things which are beyond comprehension. She questions him but he misleads her. Finally Piya comes across a photo of herself in Abhay's wallet. After many attempts, Piya puts herself in danger in a manner similar to Maithili finds out the truth. There she comes to know that Abhay and Maithili loved each other. But one was a pauper and the other, a princess. To punish them for their love, the King puts Maithili in a barn and lights it up with fire. When Abhyendra finds out, he rushes to save his love, but they both perish in the fire. Haseena and Chand who were passing by save Abhay by turning him into a vampire. On finding out the truth, Piya is frightened and thinks of running away but returns when she realises that she loves Abhay. Piya gets into an accident at some time and needs blood to survive. Madhu discloses the truth to Arnab then and tells him to save his daughter. Abhay saves Piya, but she still does not want anything to do with her father and leaves for her hostel.

Soon there is a new entry - Siddharth (Siddhant Karnick), a casanova and Panchi's boss. Initially Panchi is disgusted by his habits but soon falls for his charms as Siddharth repeatedly saves her from having to face Danish. It is soon discovered that Siddharth is Abhay's older brother who also loved Maithili and died in the same fire trying to save her. Chand and Haseena had saved both the brothers. However, Abhay cannot disclose this to Piya otherwise Siddharth will come to know and he will harm Piya. At one point, to save Piya from Siddharth, Abhay bites her. Although this does not turn her into a vampire but it begins the change. Only after biting her twice more on a full moon can she turn. Later, he admits his affection for Piya. They enjoy some beautiful moments together, hidden from the entire world, in their safe little bubble. Siddharth realises that the only way to get to Piya is through Panchi and gets into a relationship with her. Haseena, out of her mother's love, tries to get Siddharth to understand but he manipulates her too.

In the meantime, Arnab and Madhu's 25th anniversary arrives and Misha makes a collage of their old pictures, which also includes the picture of her mother, Sugandh. Piya is very hurt because she does not want to see her father once again forsake her mother publicly, so she asks Abhay to get the CD before it is played in the party. But Abhay is caught by Kabir and Misha, who call the entire family in the office. Everyone humiliates him but Piya tries to take his side, which leads to a fight between Misha and Piya. When Arnab discovers only the CD with Abhay he realises what was happening. Angry at her father who is still silent, Piya lashes out at him, asking him to act in a way for at least once in his lifetime which won't humiliate her. This angers Misha who pushes Piya into a bookshelf. The glass hurts her immensely and Piya immediately faints. Seeing this Arnab is unable to control himself and starts saying that he was never ashamed of her, he is her father and love her immensely. They call a doctor but Abhay takes Piya away claiming that she never wanted to do anything with him then, and doesn't now either. Piya has vampire blood in her and if anyone does any tests on her, things will come out in the open, which the Raichands cannot allow. Madhu discloses the entire truth to the sisters: Arnab and Sugandh were in love and wanted to get married but faced many problems in their relationship. While Arnab was still depressed, Madhu took advantage of the situation and asked her father to get them married. Later, when Arnab and Sugandh met again, they were still in love and started a relationship. However, when Sugandh asked him to take a stand for them, Arnab got scared and backed away. At this, Sugandh asked her lawyers to tell Arnab that both she and her daughter died in a car crash. Misha leaves the home, angry at her father for cheating. Madhu and Arnab go to bring back Piya who is now fine. Chand and Haseena tell Piya that they will support her if necessary but she decides to finally join her family. In a dance competition, when Piya and Abhay dance together, Siddharth buys the vote of another judge and makes Mount College loose. Danish and Arnab find out but Siddharth attacks and kidnaps Arnab. He is let go after a threat against Panchi. Arnab, Danish, and Abhay make a plan to oust Siddharth. Arnab goes to Manali but while returning there is a landslide. Both Arnab and Chand are stuck and hurt. Arnab tries to tell Panchi to stay away from Siddharth but his words are misconstrued and everyone thinks he wants them to get married. In the chaos, Misha also returns and forgives everyone, while Piya finds out that she was bit by Abhay. She breaks up with him.

Piya goes to Siddharth to find out the truth about the Raichands. He takes her to the old Haveli where Maithili, Abhyendra, and Siddhartha lived as kids. Piya finds out that Siddharth is the elder brother and Maithili is also alive, because Sid changed her into a vampire too that night. Maithili is angry with Abhay because she thinks that he left her for the dead and now loved Piya, and she intends on drinking Piya's blood at a certain time. This is because when a vampire drinks his/her doppleganger's blood they gain immeasurable powers. However, Piya mindlinks Abhay, and he, Chand, and Haseena reach the place to save her. At the Dobriyal house, Arnab is well again and he calls Mr. Hasni who deals with the supernatural to reveal the truth about Siddharth to the family. Hasni explains about Sid and on seeing Piya's picture in Arnab's room understands that Sid wants Piya and Panchi was simply a mode to get to her. Misha and Panchi also leave with Hasni to save Piya. They get to her in the palace, but the person who comes out is Maithili in Piya's clothes. Siddharth on realising that Piya is mindlinking Abhay, takes her away from the place, along with T who had unwittingly entered the palace to oust Sid and Piya's 'affair'. Piya harms Sid with her silver chain and runs away with T. Chand and Haseena reach her and tell her to take the leaves which will keep her safe from vampires and run away to the main road. Misha is soon suspicious of this Piya (Maihtili) and tells her that she is happy they know that aren't sisters. When Maithili agrees with her, she discretely messages Panchi and they run away while Maithili's back is turned. However, Maithili catches up with them and mindlinks Piya to get there to save her sisters. Piya returns, Hasni and Abhay meet and Abhay makes him understand that they are fighting on the same side. Sid gets the help of a werewolf and has him attack Chand and Haseena, but Abhay reaches them just in the nick of time to save them and kill the werewolf. Then he and Sid fight and Abhay kills Sid by piercing his heart with a stake. Maithili is angry with Abhay and wants to fight him and Abhay tells Piya to run away. Piya meets up with her family but doesn't want to leave Abhay alone. Back in the forest, Hasni is dead because of Sid's bite, and Maithili is fighting with Abhay. She tells him that she loves him so she cannot kill him, he loved her so he cannot kill her, and she cannot kill Piya because she is Abhay's love now. So she puts a slab of ice on Abhay and tells him that until Piya is dead of natural causes and Abhay forgets her, he will remain there frozen. After Piya dies, Maithili will return for him. In his last moments, Abhay gets to Piya and wipes her memory of him. He gets buried under the snow, frozen, as Arnab and Madhu arrive to take Piya with them.

One Year LaterEdit

One year has passed, and Piya remembers nothing. She returns to Dehradun from Paris where Arnab and Madhu had sent her with Misha for peace. Piya is now hotter than ever and a supermodel. She doesn't remember anything about her time at Dehradun, yet she repeatedly gets attracted to the spot in which Abhay is left frozen. She after sometime meets Jeh Khurana (Rithvik Dhanjani), who is a strong werewolf and is in a hunt for Abhay to take retribution on him for killing his beloved brother. Devoid of knowing who his authentic identity, Piya saves Abhay from his condition. He is again impolite and mean to her, and she is confused about her thoughts, feeling both repulsive and fascinated towards him at the same instant.

In the meantime, she and Jeh become best of friends. Battles begin between the witty vampires and the cunning werewolves. At this crucial point Piya regains her memory, and gets reunited with Abhay, however, he worries about her safety, so they tell nobody about their relationship. Alina, who is Jeh's sister, falls head over heels in love with Abhay, and without thinking about anything he agrees to be with her to only shield Piya. Another clash takes place, during which Deepanita, Jeh's mother, dies. Abhay turns to a human-being by drinking a magical potion and leaves the place with Piya. Again three months later, Jeh kidnaps Piya for revenge, and Abhay tries to save her. Battle engages, and Jeh gets killed by Arnab, who is now a vampire. At last Arnab changes into a human being, and finally, the show sets a happy ending with the wedding of Abhay and Piya.


Main castEdit

  • Vivian Dsena[5] as Vampire Abhay Raichand/Abhayendra Singh: Piya's lover and later husband, Maithali's former lover. (Alive)
  • Sukirti Kandpal as Piyali "Piya" Jaiswal /Piya Abhay Raichand / Piya Dobriyal: She is the youngest Dobriyal sister; Abhay's lover and later wife (Alive)/Princess Maithali: Abhay's former lover. (Dead)
  • Priya Wal as Misha Dobriyal, Kabir's wife and second Dobriyal sister. (Alive)
  • Kishwer Merchant as Haseena Chand Raichand, Abhay and Siddharth's adoptive mother. (Vampire)
  • Naved Aslam as Chand Raichand, Abhay and Siddharth's adoptive father. (Vampire)

Recurring castEdit


The initial reception of the show was positive, it was popular among all the age groups and received positive reviews because of the storyline and presentation. Based on more than 500+ reviews this show holds 6.5 out of 10 on IMDb.[6]

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