Pursuit (video game)

Pursuit is a single-player arcade game by Kee Games, originally released in 1975. The player plays a World War I flying ace who tries to shoot down enemy planes. Gameplay relies on a first person perspective representation. Pursuit also marks the first time Atari Inc. publicly acknowledged its relationship with Kee.[1]

Pursuit arcade game flyer.jpg
Developer(s)Kee Games
ReleaseNorth America January 31st, 1975
Genre(s)Flight simulator, military, shooter
CPUNone (Discrete circuitry)
SoundAmplified Mono (one channel)
DisplayHorizontal orientation, raster (black and white), Standard Resolution.


The game is housed in a custom wide cabinet modeled to look like a World War I biplane cockpit. It includes a similarly modeled flight stick with top-mounted fire button. The game's PCB is composed of discrete technology and includes Atari/Kee's Durastress technology.[1] One overlay provides the onscreen crosshair.[2]


The player uses a flight stick to steer the plane up, down, right, and left to get the enemy in his or her sights. The top-mounted fire button is then used to shoot the enemy plane and gain points.

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