Punta Tersiva (French: Pointe Tersive[2]) (3,512m) is a mountain of the Graian Alps in Aosta Valley, north-western Italy. It is described as an "elegant, pyramid shaped mountain".[3]

Punta Tersiva
Pointe Tersive
Punta Tersiva
Highest point
Elevation3,512 m (11,522 ft)
Prominence600 m (2,000 ft) [1]
ListingAlpine mountains above 3000 m
Coordinates45°37′18″N 7°28′31″E / 45.621602°N 7.475252°E / 45.621602; 7.475252Coordinates: 45°37′18″N 7°28′31″E / 45.621602°N 7.475252°E / 45.621602; 7.475252
Punta Tersiva Pointe Tersive is located in Alps
Punta Tersiva Pointe Tersive
Punta Tersiva
Pointe Tersive
Location in the Alps
LocationAosta Valley, Italy
Parent rangeGraian Alps
First ascent1842

The mountain is a tough climb, and most of the famous peaks of the Alps are visible from its summit on a clear day, with Gran Paradiso especially visible.[4]


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