Punta Sommeiller

Punta Sommeiller (in Italian) or Pointe Sommeiller (in French) is a mountain of the Province of Turin, Italy and of Savoie, France. It lies in the Cottian Alps range. It has an elevation of 3,333 metres (10,935 ft) above sea level.

Punta Sommeiller
Pointe Sommeiller
Punta sommeiller da colle valfredda occidentale.jpg
The mountain seen from Valfredda western pass
Highest point
Elevation3,333 m (10,935 ft) [1]
Prominence339 m (1,112 ft) [1]
Parent peakRognosa d'Etiache
ListingAlpine mountains above 3000 m
Coordinates45°07′42″N 06°51′09″E / 45.12833°N 6.85250°E / 45.12833; 6.85250Coordinates: 45°07′42″N 06°51′09″E / 45.12833°N 6.85250°E / 45.12833; 6.85250[1]
Punta Sommeiller is located in Alps
Punta Sommeiller
Punta Sommeiller
LocationRhône-Alpes, France
Piedmont, Italy
Parent rangeCottian Alps
First ascentMartino Baretti[2]
Easiest routefor the southern ridge


The old name of the mountain was Rognosa di Galambra, which derived from the secondary valley of Galambra (a tributary of Dora Riparia). It was then renamed by the geologist Martino Baretti, author of the first documented ascent to the summit, in order to avoid confusions with two neighboring "Rognosa"s, Rognosa d'Etiache and Rognosa del Sestriere. The new name was chosen to honour Germain Sommeiller, the civil engineer which directed the construction of the Fréjus Rail Tunnel between Savoy and Piedmont. [3]


IGM geodetic pillar on the summit

In the French subdivision of western Alps it belongs to the Massif du Mont-Cenis while in the SOIUSA (International Standardized Mountain Subdivision of the Alps) it is part of the mountain group called "gruppo d'Ambin" (Italian) or "groupe d'Ambin" (French).[4]

Administratively the mountain is divided between the Italian comunes of Bardonecchia (SW face) and Exilles (SE face) and the French commune of Bramans (N face).

A geodetic point of the Italian Military Geographic Institute is defined on the top of the mountain.

Access to the summitEdit

The mountain (left) with Sommeiller's pass (2993 m) and Rognosa d'Etiache

The easiest route for the summit starts from passo Settentrionale dei Fourneaux (3,159 m, which connects Exilles and Bardonecchia), then follows the south ridge of the mountain.[2]

Mountain hutsEdit


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