Prosilio (Greek: Προσήλιο, literally "sunward place", before 1927: Δοβίσδανα - Dovisdana[1]) is a village in the municipal unit of Tzoumerka (Ioannina, Epirus), Greece. It is situated on a mountainside of the Athamanika mountains, at 900 m elevation. It is 3 km southwest of Syrrako, 3 km west of Kalarites, 6 km north of Pramanta and 23 km southeast of Ioannina. Its population is 101 people (2011 census).[2]

Prosilio is one of the Aromanian-speaking villages of Tzoumerka (including Syrrako, Kalarites, Matsouki, Palaiochori and Vathypedo).


Year Population
1981 259
1991 159
2001 142
2011 101


The community Dovisdana was created in 1919 (Law 184A - August 19), and was renamed Prosilio in 1928 (Law 81A - May 14). The community became a part of the municipality of Tzoumerka and became a municipality district under Law 244A on December 4, 1997. Its inhabitants were not of Aromanian origin, but since they traded mainly with Aromanians, they understood and spoke the Aromanian language.

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