Project Shadowchaser

Project Shadowchaser, also known as Shadowchaser and Project: Shadowchaser, is a 1992 science fiction film by director John Eyres. It is the first installment in the direct-to-video film series Project Shadowchaser.

Project Shadowchaser
Project Shadowchaser.jpg
Directed byJohn Eyres
Produced byGeoff Griffiths and John Eyres
Written byStephen Lister
StarringFrank Zagarino
Martin Kove
Meg Foster
Paul Koslo
Joss Ackland
Ricco Ross
Music byGary Pinder
CinematographyAlan M. Trow
Edited byDelhak Wreen
Distributed byEGM
Release date
  • July 2, 1992 (1992-07-02)
Running time
97 min.
CountryUnited States


Armed terrorists, led by a super android names Romulus ( Frank Zagarino), take over a high rise hospital with the president's daughter Sarah (Meg Foster) as hostage. The android has been corrupted by its government creator Kinderman. (Joss Ackland)

The FBI. led by Trevanian (Paul Koslo) gets the hospital architect, Desliva (Martin Kove) out of cryogenic prison and desperately asks for his help.

Desilva has a criminal past, but is thought the only person who can find a way to design a surprise raid.

However, a mistake is made and instead of the architect an ex-pro football player, serving "cryo-time" for murder is revived. The football player pretends to be Desilva (the architect) to stay out of prison, however when the FBI's plan goes wrong, Desilva must face the android alone.


Frank Zagarino as Romulus

Meg Foster as Sarah

Joss Ackland as Kinderman

Paul Koslo as FBI Special Agent Trevanian

Martin Kove as Desliva


Project Shadowchaser was shot at Pinewood Studios. Most of the set was reused from Alien 3.

The special effects supervisor on the film was Brian Smithies.[1]

Cinematographer Alan Trow had worked with director Richard Driscoll on an earlier film low budget film The Comic (1985). Work on that film led to a partnership with producer/director John Eyres on this and other action films. [2]


The film was notable by the reunion of Martin Kove and Meg Foster, who previously worked together on the first season of Cagney & Lacey as Detectives Victor Isbecki and Christine Cagney, respectively, until Foster was replaced by Sharon Gless for the remainder of the series.


The film was released on videocassette in the summer of 1992 by Prism Pictures. Prior to August 4, 2015, the film had never been released onto region 1 DVD, until Echo Bridge Home Entertainment acquired the rights and released it through the Termination Collection, bundled with 4 additional movies as well. It had also popped up through AT&T U-Verse's screen pack, also under license from Echo Bridge.


Creature Feature gave the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars, praising the script as well as finding the action rousing. It also stated that this was better than many of its bigger budget counterpart.[3] Moira, however gave the movie one out of five stars, finding it "amazingly silly." [4] TV Guide gave the movie one star, although it did like the twist ending revealing the terrorist true motives. The work of the director was found to be impressive but marred by unrealistic miniature effects [5]

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