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Echo Bridge Entertainment is an American independent distribution company. It acquires and distributes feature films, scripted and non-scripted series, documentaries, and children’s programming for home video, digital and television in the United States and throughout the world. Since its acquisition of Alliance Atlantis International Distribution and recent distribution partnerships with Miramax[1] and ABC Disney/Buena Vista, Echo Bridge Entertainment has a combined portfolio of over 11,000 titles, including Degrassi: The Next Generation (a co-production with DHX Media's Epitome Pictures), which was until DHX Media acquired library of children’s and Family TV content in November 2014, and classic horror franchises Halloween, The Prophecy, Hellraiser, Children of the Corn and From Dusk Till Dawn.

Echo Bridge Entertainment
TypeVideo, Digital, Television Distribution
PredecessorAlliance Atlantis (Television distribution assets)
Founded1995 (1995) (as Platinum Disc Corporation)
2005 (2005) (as Echo Bridge Home Entertainment)
La Crosse, Wisconsin (Home Entertainment), White Plains, New York (International Sales), Needham, Massachusetts (Headquarters), Beverly Hills, California (Acquisitions)
Area served
Key people
Michael Rosenblatt, CEO; Nathan Hart, President (Home Entertainment); Emilia Nuccio, President (International)
SubsidiariesAlliance Atlantis International Distribution
PM Entertainment


Echo Bridge Home Entertainment, a division of Echo Bridge Entertainment, was founded in 1995 as Platinum Disc Corporation. In 2002, Platinum acquired PM Entertainment from The Harvey Entertainment Group. In 2005, Platinum Disc Corporation and Echo Bridge Entertainment merged to form Echo Bridge Home Entertainment.[2] In 2008, Echo Bridge acquired Alliance Atlantis International Distribution.[3] In 2011, Echo Bridge Entertainment and Miramax have made a distribution deal in which Echo Bridge will release 251 movies from the Miramax catalog, with the other 550 going to Lionsgate and StudioCanal as Miramax has a similar distribution deal with them. On March 17, 2014, after Echo Bridge lost the distribution rights to the Miramax titles, the Miramax releases all went out of print and any mention of them was removed from their website. Lionsgate later expanded their deal with Miramax to include the 251 movies previously released by Echo Bridge until 2020, when Paramount Home Entertainment extended their own deal with Miramax to include those 251 movies.

In January 2017, Producer Steven Paul purchased Echo Bridge.[4]


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