Procés Constituent

Procés Constituent (English: "Constituent Process") is a Catalan social movement, launched on 10 April 2013.[1] It is anti-capitalist and pro-Catalan independence, calling for 'A Republic of the 99%'.[2]

Procés Constituent
SpokespersonTeresa Forcades
Arcadi Oliveres
Founded10 April 2013 (2013-04-10)
Catalan independence
Political positionLeft-wing


The initial founders of Procés Constituent were economist and activist, Arcadi Oliveres, and medical doctor and nun, Teresa Forcades, who launched the initiative by publishing a Manifesto: call for a constituent process in Catalonia.[3] More than 10,000 signed the manifesto in the first week.[4]

Electoral participationEdit

Procés Constituent stood with Barcelona en Comú in the May 2015 municipal elections in Barcelona. Procés Constituent members Gerardo Pisarello and Jaume Asens were both elected to the city council to form part of the new government.

After negotiations, Procés Constituent decided not to stand with Catalunya Sí que es Pot or the Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP) in the 2015 Catalan parliamentary elections.[5]


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