Prix Guillaume Apollinaire

The prix Guillaume Apollinaire is a French poetry prize first awarded in 1941. It was named in honour of French writer Guillaume Apollinaire. It annually recognizes a collection of poems for its originality and modernity.

Members of the juryEdit

The members of jury of the Guillaume Apollinaire prize are elected for life. Since the last renewal (2011), the board members are:


The prize has been awarded 9 times to poets for all of their work: Paul Gilson, Pierre Seghers, Marcel Béalu, Vincent Monteiro, Luc Estang, Léopold Sédar Senghor, Jean-Claude Renard, Yves Martin, and Claude Roy.

It has been attributed 9 times to collections published by Éditions Seghers [fr], 6 times by Flammarion and four times by Gallimard.

  • 1941: Just Calveyrach for Guyane, Îles de Lérins
  • 1942: Roger Rabiniaux for Les Faubourgs du ciel, Profils Litt. Fr.
  • 1943: Yves Salgues for Le Chant de Nathanael, Profils Litt. Fr.
  • 1944 to 1946 : pas de désignation
  • 1947: Hervé Bazin for Jour, Iles de Lérins
  • 1948: Jean L'Anselme for Le Tambour de ville, LEC, éd. Contemporaines, and Rouben Melik for Passeur d'horizon, Îles de Lérins
  • 1949: no designation
  • 1960: Marcel Béalu and Vincent Monteiro for all their work
  • 1961: Jean Breton for Chair et soleil, La Table Ronde
  • 1962: Jeanne Kieffer for Cette Sauvage lumière, Gallimard
  • 1963: Jean Bancal for Le Chemin des hommes, Silvaire
  • 1964: Jean Desmeuzes for Ballade en Sol majeur, Millas-Martin
  • 1965: Robert Lorho (pseudonym: Lionel Ray) for Légendaire, Seghers
  • 1966: Catherine Tolstoï for Ce que savait la rose, Seghers
  • 1967: Lorand Gaspar for Le Quatrième état de la matière, Flammarion
  • 1968: Luc Estang for all his work
  • 1969: Albert Fabre for La Lumière est nommée, Seghers

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