Princess Sukeko

Princess Sukeko (亮子内親王; 1147 – 27 April 1216), later Inpumon'in (殷富門院), was a princess and an Empress of Japan. Sukeko was Empress as the Honorary Mother (准母) of her nephews Emperor Antoku and Emperor Go-Toba.

Princess Sukeko
Empress consort of Japan
Tenure13 September 1182 – 4 August 1187
Died27 April 1216(1216-04-27) (aged 68–69)
Heian-kyō (Kyōto)
FatherEmperor Go-Shirakawa
MotherFujiwara Shigeko


She was the daughter of Emperor Go-Shirakawa and Lady-in-Waiting Fujiwara Shigeko, and the sister of Emperor Takakura. She was appointed Honorary Mother to her nephews, who reigned in succession as Emperor Antoku and Emperor Go-Toba. As their Honorary Mother, she was Honorary Empress and performed the court functions of the position of Empress during their reign.


Japanese royalty
Preceded by
Taira no Tokuko
Empress consort of Japan
Succeeded by
Fujiwara no Ninshi