Primorskaya railway was located near Saint Petersburg and it lay on the route Saint Petersburg, Sestroretsk, Beloostrov. The railway was served by steam locomotives from the moment of opening and before joining to Oktyabrskaya railway in 1925.

Joint-stock company edit

Many articles refer to the "Joint-stock company of the Prinorskaya St.-Peterburg-Sestroretsk railway". It is not known whether the misspelling of Primorskaya actually appeared in the company's title. The title implies that the western terminus of the railway was intended to be Primorsk but it did not reach Primorsk within the lifetime of the company.

Construction edit

The line was constructed in three parts:

The route of the line in the Saint Petersburg area is difficult to follow because various changes were made between 1894 and 1928. Of particular note was the closure of Primorsky Rail Terminal (due to flooding) in 1924 and the re-routing of trains to Finlyandsky Rail Terminal.

Technical stops edit

For technical needs and for travel of trains technical stops were necessary.

Name Opened Closed Number of track Loсation Coordinates Line Previous stop Next stop Image In Russian
Serdobolskaya stop 1904 1929 2 60, Serdobolskaya street 59°59′19″N 30°19′1″E / 59.98861°N 30.31694°E / 59.98861; 30.31694 (Serdobolskaya stop) Tovarnaya line Primorsky Rail Terminal, Novaya derevnya Flugov post   Russian: Сердобольская
Primorsky - goods 1924? 2 Tovarnaya line Serdobolskaya stop   Russian: Приморский-товарный
Sestroretsk armory 2 2, Voskova street 60°5′55″N 29°57′57″E / 60.09861°N 29.96583°E / 60.09861; 29.96583 (Sestroretsk armory) Sestroretsk railway station   Russian: Сестрорецкий завод
Sestroretsk armory, horse-iron road 1847 before 1870 2? 2, Voskova street 60°05′37″N 30°02′0″E / 60.09361°N 30.03333°E / 60.09361; 30.03333 (Sestroretsk armory) Dubki horse-iron road Dubkovsky pier Russian: Сестрорецкий завод
Shunting loop 2 verst; after the 1980s - Yakhtennaya 12 July 1894 1924 2 Near Primorsky prospect and Yakhtennaya street corner 59°59′30″N 30°03′16″E / 59.99167°N 30.05444°E / 59.99167; 30.05444 (Shunting loop 2 verst) Primorskaya line Novaya Derevnya Shunting loop Dum Russian: Разъезд вторая верста

Rolling stock edit

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, steam tram engines were used, as shown below.

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