Primary Production, Power and Construction (constituency)

The Primary Production, Power and Construction functional constituency was in the elections for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong first created for the 1995 LegCo Election as one of the nine new functional constituencies under the electoral reform carried out by the then Governor Chris Patten, in which the electorate consisted of total of 75,174 eligible voters worked related to the agriculture, fisheries, mining, energy and construction sectors.

Primary Production, Power and Construction
Former Functional constituency
for the Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Former constituency
Number of membersOne
Member(s)Tsang Kin-shing (Democratic)
Replaced byAgriculture and Fisheries

The Constituency was abolished with the colonial Legislative Council dissolved after the transfer of the sovereignty in 1997.

A similar Agriculture and Fisheries functional constituency was created for the 1998 election by the HKSAR government with a much narrow electorate base which only consists of agriculture and fisheries organisations.

Councillors representedEdit

Election Member Party
1995 Tsang Kin-shing Democratic
1997 Legislative Council dissolved

Election resultsEdit

1995 Legislative Council election: Primary Production, Power and Construction[1]
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
Democratic Tsang Kin-shing 11,592 40.93
DAB Poon To-chuen 7,493 26.46
Independent Ho Sai-chu 5,366 18.95
NHKA Tong Yat-chu 3,871 13.67
Majority 4,099 14.47
Total valid votes 28,322 100.00
Rejected ballots 2,316
Turnout 30,638 40.76
Registered electors 75,174
Democratic win (new seat)


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