President of the General Council of Martinique

The President of the General Council of Martinique was the elected head of the General Council, the assembly that governed the assembly governing the overseas department of France. The President of the General Council held executive powers from March 2, 1982[1] to 2015.

List of Presidents of the General CouncilEdit

Name Entered office Left office Party Notes
Émile Maurice 1970 April 1992
Claude Lise April 1992 31 March, 2011
Josette Manin 31 March, 2011 31 December, 2015 First woman to hold the presidency of the General Council

Josette Manin was the last president of the general council as the French government, in December 2015, merged the regional and general councils for the island into one assembly with the formation of the territorial collective of Martinique.[2]


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