Premio Fernanda Pivano

The Fernanda Pivano Award for American Literature is an Italian literary award for American authors. It is named in honor of Fernanda Pivano.

Fernanda Pivano Award 2011, Italy - Enrico Rotelli, Ferruccio de Bortoli, Elisabetta Sgarbi, Michael Cunningham, Lidia Zanardi

The Fernanda Pivano Award represents the work of spreading American literature that Pivano undertook in Italy. The beginning of her literary journey dates back to 1943, with the publication of the first translation of the Spoon River Anthology by Edgar Lee Masters.

Since 2009, the Award took over the specific objective of promoting the works of American writers in Italy.

Year Winners
2009 Erica Jong[1][2]
2010 Joyce Carol Oates[2]
2011 Michael Cunningham[3]
2012 Rick Moody,[4] Paul Harding[4]
2013 Michael Chabon[5]
2014 Andrew Sean Greer[6]
2015 Jonathan Galassi[7]


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