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Prairie Farmer is a weekly newspaper which is part of the Farm Progress company of agricultural and rural newspapers. It was first published in 1841 in Chicago, Illinois by John Stephen Wright and was called The Union Agriculturist and Western Prairie Farmer.[1] Its original masthead proclaimed that it was devoted to "western agriculture, mechanics, and education."[2] During his time as editor, Wright set up Prairie Farmer Warehouse at 112 Lake Street in Chicago where farmers could study samples of seed, plants, and farm machinery, as well as exhibit their own products. Upon its formation, Wright (not a farmer himself) proclaimed:

Prairie Farmer
Prairie Farmer, February 1 1841.png
Prairie Farmer, February 1 1841
TypeWeekly newspaper
Owner(s)Farm Progress Company
HeadquartersSt. Charles, Illinois

Upon you we must rely for the matter that is to make this paper interesting and valuable. No editorial skill can make it what the West demands; but if every practical farmer only feels an interest in the cause . . . . we may expect certain success.

What we wish is this -- as soon as anyone obtains valuable agricultural information, a recipe a plan or any other matter....that he would sit down and communicate it immediately.[3]

In January 1843, the name of the paper was shortened to Prairie Farmer[4] by Wright.

Burridge and Holt
John Stephen Wright, 1841


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