Pra Satrut is one of the Siblings of Pra Ram in the Thai Ramakian Epic tale, which is in turn an adaptation of India's great Vedic Epic by the Hermit Valmiki, the Ramayana. The four brothers are; Pra Ram, Pra Laks, Pra Prot and Pra Satrut. He is the twin brother of Pra Laks who both were born from the same mother, Nang Samutr Taewii (all four were born from same father but only Pra Laks and Pra Satrut have the same mother).

Pra Satrut and all of his other brothers are actually all parts of the same Deity, Pra Narai (Vishnu Narayan). They were split up to Avatar down to earth to defeat and punish the Demon Totsagan. Pra Satrut is in fact the Incarnation of the Kata (sceptre-sword) and conch of Vishnu.


Purple skin color, Mongkut Chay type headdress, human form.

Role in the RamakianEdit

Pra Satrut went with his brother Pra Prot into battle at Langka the second time round, and fought in the siege against the City of Maleewan. He later became Ruler of the Kingdom of Gaiyagaes.

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