PowerPark is a large scale karting and amusement park in Alahärmä, Finland. It is located along Highway 19, 66 kilometres (41 mi) north of Seinäjoki and 76 kilometres (47 mi) east of Vaasa. The main karting track already resembles an F1 circuit and has previously hosted the Karting World Championship, but they also have a hectare-large indoor track, the largest in Europe.[citation needed] Other than that the resort also contains a restaurant, large hotel, a camping area with cottages and all sorts of amusement rides.

LocationAlahärmä, Kauhava, Finland
Coordinates63°13′42″N 022°51′35″E / 63.22833°N 22.85972°E / 63.22833; 22.85972
Opened1999, rides area 2002
OwnerLillbacka enterprises
Operating seasonMay to August (rides area) /
throughout the year
Attendance400,000–450,000 (2015)[1]
Area160 ha (400 acres)
Roller coasters6
Water rides2

PowerPark was founded by Jorma Lillbacka, an entrepreneur and financier from Alahärmä, and according to estimates by Talouselämä magazine, Lillbacka has invested 100–200 million euros in the amusement park since its establishment.[2] In 2015, PowerPark had as many as 450,000 visitors.[3] In a study conducted by Taloustutkimus Oy, the PowerPark experience park was rated the best leisure center in Finland in 2010,[4] 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.[5] The South Ostrobothnia Tourism Prize (Etelä-Pohjanmaan matkailupalkinto) was also awarded to PowerPark in 2010.[6]

PowerLand edit

Major rides edit

Thunderbird in PowerPark
Cobra in PowerPark
Name Manufacturer Model Opened Ride type
Thunderbird GCI Wooden Coaster 2006 Rollercoaster, wood
Cobra Vekoma Boomerang 2005 Rollercoaster, looping
Junker Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster 2015 Rollercoaster, looping
Joyride L&T Systems [fr] Coaster 47x21 2003 Rollercoaster
Neo's Twister Fabbri Mouse 40 2011 Rollercoaster
Piovra Moser's Rides Polyp 2004 Thrill ride
Pitts Special Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster Custom 2020 Rollercoaster
Typhoon 360 Technical Park Typhoon 360 2004 Spectacular
Booster Fabbri Booster 2003 Spectacular
Music Express Barbieri Musik Express 2002 Thrill ride
Dragon Tower [fr] Moser's Rides Mach Tower 2012 Freefall
Giant Wheel Fabbri Giant Wheel 34 2003
La Paloma Zierer Wave Swinger 2005
Bumper Cars Gosetto / cars IE Park Bumper Cars 2003
Fiesta Mexicana Zamperla Star Flyer 2007 Thrill ride
Pegasus Technical Park Pegasus 2008 Spectacular
Kwai River Interlink LG Log flume 2013 Water ride
Enterprise Huss Enterprise 2019 Thrill Ride

In 2007, a worker died after being hit by the Typhoon ride. According to the news, she was retrieving a shoe. After the incident, the park was closed earlier than usual and both workers and customers were given crisis aid.

Family rides edit

Balloon Tower in PowerPark
Name Manufacturer Model Opened Ride type
Dino Safari Jeep Zamperla 2002
Crazy House Barbieri 2003
Time Machine 2005
Galeon Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2007 Thrill ride
Mine Train Zamperla Family Gravity Coaster 80STD 2007 Rollercoaster
Devil's Mine Hotel Gosetto Dark Ride 2007
Real Snacks Jetski Zierer Jet Skis 2013 Thrill Ride
Balloon Tower Technical Park Balloon Tower 2008

Kiddie rides edit

Name Manufacturer Model Opened Ride type
Jumping Star Zamperla Jumping Star 2002
Rio Grande Train Zamperla Rio Grande 2003
Wild Horse Carousel 2002
Mini Jets Zamperla 2003
Mini Tea Cup Zamperla Teacup Ride 2002
Chain Carousel Sopark Wave Swinger 2002
Mill River 2005
Chuck Wagon Zamperla Ferris Wheel 2005
Jump Around Zamperla 2007
Pirate Ship Lappset [fi] 2002
Captain Hook Zamperla 2009
Lion King Technical Park Flying Twist – Aladino 2011

Removed rides edit

Name Manufacturer Model Opened Ride type
Tapis Volant Fabbri Flying Carpet 2002–2005 Thrill ride
Dark Ride Emiliana Luna Park Ghost Train 2005–2006
Mega Drop Fabbri Freefalll 2002–2011

Horse centre edit

The Riding Centre of PowerPark is being completed and will start its operations in 2008. The centre is located in a peaceful place, behind a small woods, in the vicinity of PowerPark. The Riding Centre will provide horse treks of different kinds in South Ostrobothnian landscapes.

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