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Potol Kumar Gaanwala (Bengali: পটল কুমার গানওয়ালা) (transl. "Potol Kumar the singer") was an Indian musical Bengali television drama, which premiered on 14 December 2015. Star Jalsha.[2] Potol Kumar Gaanwala replaced Ishti Kutum on 14 December 2015. The show starred Hiya Dey, Saheb Chatterjee, Swagata Mukherjee and Bhaskar Banerjee.[3] The show was produced by Shrikant Mohta and Mahendra Soni.[4] After almost two years, the show went off air on 10 September 2017.[5] The show recorded highest trps during its telecast. It got replaced by Sanyashi Raja. It was re-aired on Star Jalsha and Star Jalsha HD during lockdown period, due to COVID-19.

Potol Kumar Gaanwala
পটল কুমার গানওয়ালা
Potol Kumar Gaanwala poster.jpg
Written byStory
Sudip Paul
Directed bySwarnendu Samaddar
ComposersUpaali Chatterjee
Debjit Roy
Country of originIndia
Original languageBengali
No. of episodes632
ProducersShrikant Mohta
Mahendra Soni
Production locationKolkata
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22 minutes
Production companyShree Venkatesh Films
DistributorStar India
Original networkStar Jalsha
Picture format576i
1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release14 December 2015 (2015-12-14) –
10 September 2017 (2017-09-10)
Preceded byIshti Kutum
Followed bySanyashi Raja
Related showsMouna Raagam
Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala
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A Hindi remake, Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala, started airing on Star Plus, produced by Gul Khan, Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot.[6][7][8] There is a remake in Malayalam on Asianet titled Vanambadi; a Telugu version, Koyilamma, airing on Star Maa; and a Tamil version, Mouna Raagam, airing on Star Vijay.[9]

It has also been remade in Sinhala as Sakuge Kathawa on the local channel Swarnavahini and dubbed Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala in Sinhala as Mini Pahana Obai on the local channel TV Derana and also dubbed in Kazakh as Кулфи on the Kazakh TV channel Astana TV..


This show follows the story of a girl Potol, who is a singer, goes to Kolkata to search her father after her mother's demise whose identity she does not know. The show starts with saints singing bhajans but Subhaga warns them after hearing them. When Rashmoni teased her, she went away. Potol was following the ambassadors which were in front of her. She stopped them and sang a song with her soulful voice. Rashmoni went to search her. Subhaga was suffering from cancer. When Potol went to give milk in the temple, she was thrown out. For that, Rashmoni gets angry and in anger, she misbehaves with her children and with Potol. One night, Aditi intentionally hits Subhaga with her car. Subhaga meets with an accident. Potol used to sing to get money so that her mother can recover. When she went to the hospital to give money for her mother's treatment, they say that Subhaga is no more. Elsewhere, Potol thinks that her mother has recovered. When she sees her mother's dead body, she sings and also recollects the memory with her mother. After her mother's demise, she decided to go to Kolkata to search her father. Varun supports Potol. Potol takes the guise of a boy. She sings to get money for her haircut. To keep her mother's last wish, she disguises herself as a boy by getting a haircut of a man. When her aunt sees her, she couldn't recognize it to be Potol because of her short hair. She goes to Kolkata by train and she sings. One day, Chandan takes Potol to the Mullick mansion. She starts living in the Mullick mansion. But Tuli always misbehaves with her. On the day of Holi, Potol's aunt kidnapped Tuli. That night, Rashmomi catches Potol and takes her. She lived with the taxi driver and his wife, Kamala. One day, Potol's aunt lied Deepa by saying that Potol is a thief. When Potol again starts staying in the Mullick mansion, the full family becomes angry on her.Nobody believed Potol. Subhaga, the governess starts taking care of Potol as a mother. After Potol gets injured in a temple, she gets hospitalized. Tuli befriends with Potol. Potol suffers from memory loss. When Tuli learns the truth about Potol, she says Subhaga to move out of the house. One day, Ankita gives Potol a makeup of a joker and she gets embarrassed. Aditi plays a dirty game in the conference. Potol spoils the conference by slapping Tuli. When Potol brings Tuli home, Tuli slaps her. Elsewhere, Tridha and Sujon were also beside Potol. On the day of Potol's birthday, Tuli spoils the decoration. Elsewhere, Subhaga and Sujon redecorate. When Potol sings song, she sees her mother. Sujon couldn't believe Potol to be his daughter. Elsewhere, Tuli becomes angry. Rashmoni comes in the party to expose the truth that Potol didn't steal. Sujon divorces Aditi and Tridha takes Tuli to USA. After Tuli insults Subhaga by saying a outsider, she decides to leave the house. Potol stops her. Later, the family insists Sujon to marry Subhaga. Sujon and Subhaga get married. On the wedding night, Aditi and Tamali enter. Aditi tries to create obstacles in Potol's life. Aditi also said that she killed Potol's mother. Potol, Subhaga, Chandan, Sujon and his mother goes for vacation at Tiyahata. Aditi masks herself and follows them. Potol goes alone in the train towards the gate of the train. Suddenly, Aditi goes to the train. When they reach, Aditi follows them and goes in the same hotel where the Mullicks went. Aditi decides to kill Subhaga. One day, Aditi pushes Subhaga on the mountains and Subhaga falls down. Potol tries to grab Subhaga but Subhaga falls down and Subhaga dies. Later, Potol goes to a temple and burns her hand.

12 years laterEdit

The saints sing bhajans but Sujon warns. She doesn't allow Potol to song after Subhaga's incident on the mountains. Elsewhere, Potol goes to temple on her 18th birthday. She recollects the memory of that day when she went to give milk in the temple and was thrown out. Sujon goes to search Potol but suddenly he meets with an accident. Potol rescues Sujon. She refuses to get married. That night, Tridha brings Tuli back to the Mullick mansion by promising that when Potol will turn 18, Tridha will bring Tuli back. She starts befriend with Aahir after intoxicating. One day, Sujon meets with an accident and Sujon gets hospitalized. For the theatre, she disguises herself as a boy. Her aunt gets angry upon seeing this. Potol marries Aahir. Potol and Aahir go and stay at their house in village. That night, Aditi gets angry on Potol in the boat, but suddenly falls from the boat. Potol saves Aditi. Tuli tries to attack Potol with a gun and Aditi warns Tuli. Aditi gets arrested and Tuli leaves for her correction and Potol and Aahir live happily ever after.



  • Hiya Dey / Mousumi Debnath / Aishwarya Sen as Poteshwari Malik aka Potol - A born singer; Sujon and Subhaga's daughter; Aditi's step-daughter; Tuli's half-sister; Aahir's wife.
  • Rudrajit Mukherjee as Aahir - Potol's husband, Sujon's son in-law.
  • Saheb Chatterjee as Sujon Kumar Malik aka Boltu - A famous singer; Subhaga's husband, Aditi's ex-husband; Potol's father and Aahir's father in-law, Chandan's younger brother.
  • Tramila Bhattacharya as Aditi - Tamali's daughter; Sujon's second wife(divorced); Tuli's mother; Potol's step-mother, Potol and Subhaga's arch rival. (Main Antagonist)
  • Anindita Raychaudhury / Adrija Roy as Subhaga: Potol's mother. (Deceased)
  • Nilanjan Datta as OC Bijay Mukherjee.
  • Sinchana Sarkar / Shyamoupti Mudly as Tuli: Ranjit and Aditi's daughter; Potol's half-sister, Tamali's granddaughter, Potol's arch rival. (Main Antagonist)



Language Title Original release Network(s) Notes
  • Potol Kumar Gaanwala
  • পটল কুমার গানওয়ালা
14 Dec 2015 – 10 Sep 2017 Star Jalsha Original Version
  • Koilamma
  • కోయిలమ్మ
5 Sep 2016 – 18 Sep 2020 Star Maa[10] Remake
30 Jan 2017 – 18 September 2020 Asianet[11] Remake
24 Apr 2017 – present Star Vijay[12] Remake
19 Mar 2018 – 07 Feb 2020 Star Plus Remake
  • Sakuge Kathawa
  • සකූගේ කතාව
8 Oct 2018 – 6 Feb 2019 Swarnavahini Remake
  • Mini Pahana Obai
  • මිණි පහන ඔබයි
TV Derana Dubbed(dubbing of Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala)


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