Porto dos Milagres

Porto dos Milagres (English: The Port of Miracles) is a Brazilian telenovela that was produced and aired by TV Globo from 5 February to 29 September 2001, totaling 203 chapters. It was written by Aguinaldo Silva and Ricardo Linhares and loosely based on two works written by Jorge Amado - The Dead Sea and the discovery of America by the Turks. Had Philip collaboration Miguez, Maria Elisa Berredo, Nadotti Nelson and Gloria Baker, directed by Fabricio Mamberti and Luciano Sabino. Director general Mark and Robert Paul Naar, co-directed by Fabricio Mamberti and Luciano Sabino. Had the direction of core Marcos Paulo.

Porto dos Milagres
Created byAguinaldo Silva
Ricardo Linhares
StarringMarcos Palmeira
Flávia Alessandra
Antônio Fagundes
Cássia Kiss
Luíza Tomé
Leonardo Brício
Camila Pitanga
Arlete Salles
Louise Cardoso
José de Abreu
Joana Fomm
Tonico Pereira
Zezé Polessa
Eduardo Galvão
Marcelo Serrado
Carla Marins
Paloma Duarte
Bárbara Borges
Cyria Coentro
Miguel Thiré
Opening theme"Caminhos do Mar"
ComposerGal Costa
Country of originBrazil
Original languagePortuguese
No. of episodes203
Running time60 minutes
Original networkRede Globo
Original releaseFebruary 5 (2001-02-05) –
September 29, 2001 (2001-09-29)
Preceded byLaços de Família
Followed byO Clone
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First phaseEdit

Félix Guerrero illegally selling part of the land his father's inheritance left to him and his twin brother Bartholomeu. The police finds out, and Félix and his wife Adma are fugitives in Spain. After applying other hits, a gypsy prophesies that he will cross the sea and will be king, being completed by himself and Adma that this prediction could only occur in Bolivia, where they are going and where they returned without any success. Then go to Rondônia, more precisely the city of Porto Velho. The two discover a newspaper reports that Bartholomeu became the most important and powerful man in the city of Port of Miracles, located on the coast of Bahia, and to get rid of it, Adma Rondônia leaves and goes to Port of Miracles and poisons, making Félix take the place of his brother.

Only Bartholomeu had Arlete pregnant prostitute who goes to his house, being received by Adma who has been living in this town, without telling her husband, sends his foreman and his Arlete Eriberto killing newborn son. The foreman Arlete and takes the boy to sea. The prostitute realize the coldness of Eriberto, causing her to put the baby in a basket in the water and he shoots the child mercilessly and Arlete at sea, to save his son playing in the sea and dies. Protected by supernatural forces, the basket with the child is guided to another boat, where is the fisherman and his wife Eulalia Frederick, who is suffering from the boat just before giving birth. Eulalia's son is born dead. Frederick, in turn, you hear a baby crying in a basket into the sea, which picks up and shows Eulalia as his son, believing that the child is a gift from Queen Iemanjá sea. Eulalia says his son will be called Gumercindo, and soon dies. Sadly, the boy promises to Frederick Iemanjá equal to Arlete Eriberto promised before throwing the baby into the sea. Years later Frederick enters the sea to save his brother Francisco, disappearing. So Gumercindo is created by Francis, brother of Frederick, Frederick and wife, Rita.

Laura's sister, Eugenia Augusta and Livia's mother, ignores his family heritage and escapes with the fisherman Leoncio. Augusta, for not complying with the choice of his sister, brother to denounce the police for smuggling. When Laura knows the plan to harm the fisherman goes after him, dying with your loved one in a boat explosion after police chase. Livia was then created in the city of Rio de Janeiro Leontina by her aunt, another sister of Laura and Augusta Eugenia. The prostitute Palmeirao Rose, sister of Arlete, is about to marry Otacílio and on the day of your wedding with this, kill Colonel Jurandir de Freitas, because this violated his younger sister Cecilia. She is sentenced to 20 years in prison, saying that when you leave will give a turning point in her life.

Second phaseEdit

The new phase has passed 20 years. Livia leaves the city of Rio de Janeiro and goes with her boyfriend Alexandre, son of Felix and Adma, to Port of Miracles. In the city, she meets Gumercindo, being known as Guma, who became a man of character and a respected leader in the small seaside town. The two fall in love, having to pass through a lot to realize that love, as the hostility of Alexandre, who does not conform to Livia about losing a fisherman, and ambition of his Aunt Augusta Eugenia, who wants to see his niece married to heir of Félix Guerrero, and still having to deal with the frames of the beautiful and seductive Esmeralda, girl in love with the fisherman who thinks the two are combined because they are the same social class.

It leaves the Rose Palmeirao chain willing to discover the whereabouts of the son of Arlete, and falls in love with Félix after opening a brothel, not knowing of his involvement in the disappearance of his sister and nephew. Otacilio, with whom she intended to marry before her arrest, she married Amapola, who was Henry's son Alfredo. But Rose just forget it, and your eyes especially Félix.

In the plot for other nuclei in the spotlight, as the love of Alfred Henry and Louise, daughter of Rita and Francis, the forbidden love of his brother Osvaldo Leontina by the husband of his sister Eugenia Augusta, Dulce teacher's relationship with the doctor Rodrigo, and more interesting. Guma, with the support of fishermen and their friends, candidate for mayor of Port of Miracles, and political rival of Félix Guerrero. Guma defends the Causes Labor Party, while Félix defends the Democratic Vanguard Party, applying to the government of Bahia. Seeing that the man Guma is not expected to know and who is the son of Gumercindo, Félix tries to kill him, without success, and leaves his wife Adma, to find that lie to him all these years.


Félix ends up surrendering to Guma, begging to save his son Alexandre, who tries to commit suicide with Livia on the high seas. Guma can save them, but do not survive. Eager not to let the beloved to die, Esmeralda gives her own life to save Guma. She turns her mother into a saint and resurrects the fisherman. He and Livia marry and the two have a son.

Adma, in order to get rid of Eriberto poisons a drink and you can drink it, you realize the tricks and exchange cups, killing her. Then the foreman also takes the drink, beside the dying woman who has always loved.

Félix won the elections and becomes the new governor of Bahia. But on the day of his inauguration, he is killed by Rosa Palmeirao, thinking that he was relieved of Arlete. After a short time, Guma is selected as the new mayor of the city, marking a new era in Port of Miracles.


Actor Character
Marcos Palmeira Gumercindo Vieira (Guma)
Flávia Alessandra Lívia Proença de Assunção
Antônio Fagundes Félix Guerrero; Main Villain (Killed by Rosa Palmeirão) / Bartholomeu Guerrero (Killed by Adma)
Cássia Kiss Adma Guerrero; Main Villain (Killed by Eriberto)
Luíza Tomé Rosa Palmeirão
Leonardo Brício Alexandre Guerrero
Arlete Salles Augusta Eugênia Proença de Assunção
Nathalia Timberg Ondina
José de Abreu Eriberto; Villain (Killed by Adma)
Zezé Polessa Amapola Ferraço
Joana Fomm Rita
Tonico Pereira Francisco Vieira (Chico)
Camila Pitanga Esmeralda
Marcelo Serrado Rodolfo Augusto Proença de Assunção
Carla Marins Judite dos Reis
Louise Cardoso Maria Leontina
Eduardo Galvão Otacílio Ferraço
Paloma Duarte Dulce
Kadu Moliterno Dr. Rodrigo
Fulvio Stefanini Osvaldo
Flávio Galvão Deodato
Cláudia Alencar Epifânia; (Killed by Adma)
Mônica Carvalho Maria do Socorro (Socorrinho)
Júlia Lemmertz Genésia
Vladimir Brichta Ezequiel
Bárbara Borges Luíza
Roberto Bomtempo Jacques
Zezé Motta Mãe Ricardina
Taís Araújo Selminha Aluada
Miguel Thiré Alfredo Henrique
Sérgio Menezes Rufino
Daniela Faria Haydée Caolha
Guilherme Piva Alfeu
Marcélia Cartaxo Quirina
Cláudio Corrêa e Castro Seu Babau
Renata Castro Barbosa Bela
Camilla Farias Ana Beatriz

Special participationEdit

Actor Character
Glória Menezes Dona Coló; (Killed by Adma)
Lima Duarte Senador Victório Vianna
Ary Fontoura Deputado Pitágoras Williams Mackienzie
Débora Duarte Olímpia
Eloísa Mafalda Celeste Marabás; (Killed by Adma)
Sandra Pêra Eunice

Appearances in Round 1Edit

Actor Character
Letícia Sabatella Arlete Palmeirão; (Killed by Adma)
Hugo Carvana Delegado Gouvêia
Reginaldo Faria Coronel Jurandir de Freitas
Cristiana Oliveira Eulália
Maurício Mattar Frederico
Carolina Kasting Laura Proença
Tuca Andrada Leôncio
Ilva Niño Valdenice
Luíza Curvo Cecília Palmeirão
Eunice Muñoz Gipsy

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