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You can help choose the next selected picture of the Michigan Highways portal. Feel free to nominate any photo or other visual media that you believe is selected picture-quality. The image should include the road itself and/or the road's sign. The nomination should also include a suggested caption. The caption should have a bolded link to an appropriate article that is within the scope of, and properly tagged as part of, the Michigan State Highways Project or its County Highways Task Force. The caption should be worded such that the road article is the primary link, and links to other articles (such as bridges, city names, etc.) are secondary.

Please nominate a picture, give reasons, and sign. To vote, add support, oppose, or comment, give reasons, and sign. If you're considering supporting or opposing based on regional balance, check out this page. In order to ensure that the portal will be updated on time, nominations for the upcoming month will be closed two days before the end of the current month. Please note that the next year or so is already scheduled, but these selections can be changed.