Port of Naantali

The Port of Naantali (Finnish: Naantalin satama, Swedish: Nådendal hamn) is a port located in the south-west of Finland, city of Naantali, where the mainland meets the beginning of the Turku archipelago. The port is among the largest in Finland in terms of passenger and cargo volume. The Port of Naantali's main volumes deriving from the liquid and dry bulk materials and ferry goods.

Port of Naantali
Finnclipper, Kiisla ja Finnsailor, Naantalin satama, 27.3.2009.JPG
Ships at port of Naantali
Country Finland
Coordinates60°27′26″N 022°02′52″E / 60.45722°N 22.04778°E / 60.45722; 22.04778Coordinates: 60°27′26″N 022°02′52″E / 60.45722°N 22.04778°E / 60.45722; 22.04778
Vessel arrivals1580 (2018)
Annual cargo tonnage7.8 million (2018)

The port consists of three parts: Main Harbour (Finnish: Kantasatama), Luonnonmaa Harbour (which is located next to the Turku Repair Yard) and the Oil Harbour for Neste's Naantali refinery; all of which are managed by the Port of Naantali. At present, the port has both freight and passenger traffic and the connection from Naantali to Kapellskär in Sweden is operated by Finnlines.

The main entrance channel Naantalin väylä is 120 kilometres long and starts southern of Utö. Since 2009 it is cleared for vessels with drafts up to 15.3 m (50 ft), after it got extended from 13 metres which had been in effect since 1986.

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