Ponce Jazz Festival

The Ponce Jazz Festival is a musical celebration that takes place every year in Ponce, Puerto Rico.[1]

Ponce Jazz Festival
Ponce Jazz Festival logo.jpg
Logo of the Ponce Jazz Festival
Official namePonce Jazz Festival
Also calledThe Jazz Festival
Observed byPonce, Puerto Rico
TypeLocal, cultural
DateLast weekend in April
Related tohttp://www.poncejazzfestival.com/ Website


The festival is one of the newest in the Western Hemisphere. It was inaugurated in 2012.[1] It takes place at the Concha Acustica (English: acoustical shell) Amphitheatre of Parque de la Abolición in Barrio Cuarto.[2]

List of eventsEdit

2012 editionEdit

The festival starts on the last Friday of April, and the 2012 events were as follows:

Friday 27 April 2012
Grupo Zambaríbiri Stage Band (Guayanilla)
Escuela de Música de Guayama
Grupo Sound Jazz y Jazz Jam

Saturday 28 April 2012
Edwin Gutiérrez & Jazz Project
Charlie Sepúlveda & The Turnaround Band
Julito Alvarado and his group Del Sur al Norte

Sunday 29 April 2012
Eugenio Torres & Sol Creciente
Banda Municipal de Ponce, Carlos Juan Colón & Manus, and William Cepeda

2013 editionEdit

The 2013 events were as follows.[3]

Friday, 26 April 2013
Stage Band - Instituto de Musica Juan Morel Campos
Diversis Quartet
Flautista Joche Caraballo and his Trio
Irvin Cancel and his Band

Saturday, 27 April 2013
Luis Gonzalez & his Orchestra
Joseito Ruiz & Quartet

Sunday, 29 April 2013
Black Jazz
Master Jazz Big Band

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