Ponca Jazz Records is a jazz record label founded by Hilde Hefte in Kristiansand, Norway in 2004

Background Edit

Hefte had an idea of releasing the Rolf Søder recording Jargong Vålereng' with Egil Kapstad as composer, arranger and band leader. This idea evolved and eventually she started the label Ponca Jazz, and Jargong Vålereng' was released as an album in 2004. There after many artists showed interest, and a series of albums was released in 2005.[1]

Then Jon Larsen offered Ponca Jazz Records to take over parts of Hot Club Records' catalog. This was interesting, and lead to a faster growth, and allowed Ponca Jazz Records to become one of the major jazz labels in Norway. Several key jazz musicians and singers are now in Ponca Jazz Records catalog.[2]

Discography Edit

Albums (in selection)[3]
PJRCD 100 Hilde Hefte On The Corner 2006 CD
PJRCD 102 Einar Iversen Me And My Piano 2005 CD
PJRCD 103 Rolf Søder, Egil Kapstad Og Hans Musikanter Jargong Vålereng' 2004 CD
PJRCD 106 Hallgeir Pedersen Trio Bluero 2006 CD
PJRCD 109 Lee Konitz / John Pål Inderberg Live in Oslo 2007 CD
PJRCD 110 Odd R. Antonsen Big Band With guests 2007 CD
PJRCD 111 Hilde Hefte An Evening In Prague 2008 CD
PJRCD 112 Odd Riisnæs Another road 2008 CD
PJRCD 113 Tom Olstad Changes For Mingus 2007 CD
PJRCD 114 Erling Wicklunds Storeslem Live At Lancelot 2008 CD
PJRCD 116 Svein Olav Herstad Free The Nightingale 2010 CD
PJRCD 117 Jan Berger Ego Trip 2009 CD
PJRCD 118 Ivar Antonsen, Vigleik Storaas Dialogues 2010 CD
PJRCD 119 Bjørn Alterhaug Quintet Songlines 2009 CD
PJRCD 120 Antonsen, Hvalryg, Olstad Trio A Day at The Opera 2011 CD
PJRCD 122 Liv Stoveland Close Your Eyes 2009 CD
PJRCD 124 Hilde Hefte Short Stories 2013 CD
PJRCD 125 Oddbjørn Blindheim Trio Piano Pals 2014 CD
PJRCD 126 Hilde Hefte Quiet Dreams 2017 CD
PJRCD 127 Bjørn Alterhaug Quintet Innocent Play 2014 CD
PJRCD 128 Liv Stoveland Solitary Moon 2016 CD

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