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Polychelida is a group of decapod crustaceans. Fossil representatives are known dating from as far back as the Upper Triassic. A total of 38 extant species, all in the family Polychelidae, and 55 fossil species have been described.

Temporal range: Upper Triassic–Recent
Polycheles sculptus MNHN.jpg
Stereomastis sculpta
Scientific classification

Scholtz & Richter, 1995 [1]



Polychelida had traditionally been included in the infraorder Palinura, alongside the spiny lobsters and slipper lobsters (now in the infraorder Achelata).[1][2] In 1995, Gerhard Scholtz and Stefan Richter of the Freie Universität Berlin carried out a phylogenetic study of the "Reptantia", and concluded that "Palinura" was paraphyletic. They therefore abandoned that taxon and introduced instead the new clade Polychelida.[1]


The animals grouped into the infraorder Polychelida are united by the presence of at least four pairs of chelae (claws).[3] Five families are included, all but one of which are extinct.[4] The 38 extant species are all in the family Polychelidae.[4] The group has a fossil record stretching back to the Upper Triassic,[2] and had its peak diversity in the Mesozoic.[3] Although the extant species are all restricted to deep waters, the group is thought to have originated in shallow water.[3] Over time, the eyes have reduced in size to the vestigial state seen in extant Polychelidae, the body has narrowed, and the chelae have become less robust; among extant taxa, the most plesiomorphic state is seen in Willemoesia.[3]


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