Poding Memorial Library

Poding Memorial Library (Chinese: 波錠紀念圖書館; pinyin: Bōdìng Jìniàn Túshūguǎn) is the library at Chaoyang University of Technology in Wufeng District, Taichung, Taiwan, established in 1994. The construction of the new library building began on June 1997, and was completed in March 1999.

Poding Memorial Library
CYUT Poding Memorial Library 20060801.jpg
TypeAcademic library
Established11 October 1994
LocationWufeng, Taichung, Taiwan
Coordinates24°04′08.8″N 120°42′48.5″E / 24.069111°N 120.713472°E / 24.069111; 120.713472Coordinates: 24°04′08.8″N 120°42′48.5″E / 24.069111°N 120.713472°E / 24.069111; 120.713472


The first class of Chaoyang University of Technology started in August 1994, and the library opened on October 11 of the same year. The third floor of the University's Teaching Building temporarily served as the library's quarters. It was divided into a periodical and reference room, stacks, and a reading room. Afterward, the collection of the library increased so rapidly that in order to satisfy the needs of users it became necessary to add western book stacks and more separate rooms in November 1996. After a year of planning, the construction of the new library building began on June 28, 1997, and was completed in March 1999.[1]

Library Holdings InformationEdit

Total Collection 485,150 volumes
Eastern Language Collection 342,561 volumes
Western Language Collection 91,816 volumes
Non-Book Collection 50,773 volumes
Periodical Collection 979 titles
Newspaper Collection 21 titles
Databases 219 types
E-books 540,458 types
E-journals 29,411 types

Update: 13/10/2011


  • Reading Services
  • Loan Services
  • Information Retrieval Services
  • Multi-media Services
  • Outreach Activities
  • Copy Utilities
  • Book Search Services
  • Book Recommendation services
  • Rush Catalog Request
  • Reference Services
  • Inter-Library Cooperation
  • Reserved Books
  • Subject Advisor service

Library Floor PlanEdit

First Floor Reading Room, Conference Room, Compact Shelves Area
Second Floor The Exhibition Hall of the University History, Circulation, Newspapers, Online Search, Reference Collections, Reserved Books,
Further Studies & Careers Information, Faculty & Student Publications/Dissertations,
Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Access MRT Infrastructure Project, Book Return, Copy Room
Third Floor Poding Memorial Hall, Periodicals, Back Issue Newspapers, Copy Room
Fourth Floor The Exhibition Hall of the University History, Western Languages Collections,
Eastern Languages Collections, Design Collections
Fifth Floor Multimedia, Music & Leisure Area, IR Classroom, Group Audio-Visual Room
Sixth Floor Eastern Languages Collections, Group Study Room, Copy Room
Seventh Floor Faculty Office
Basement First Parking lot

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