The Plomosa Mountains are a mountain range in La Paz County, Arizona, running generally south of Bouse, Arizona near the Arizona/California border. Quartzsite lies to the west across the La Posa Plain. The Harcuvar Mountains and Little Harquahala Mountains lie to the east across the Ranegras Plain. The New Water Mountains lie to the southeast beyond Black Mesa.[1][2]

Plomosa Mountains
section of west flank of Plomosa Mountains
(as viewed from Quartzsite, Arizona on Interstate 10 in Arizona)
(high resolution expandable photo)
Highest point
PeakBlack Mesa (Plomosa Mountains)
Elevation3,639 ft (1,109 m)
Length25 mi (40 km) N-S
Width6 mi (9.7 km)
CountryUnited States
Borders onLa Posa Plain and the
Dome Rock Mountainsto the West
New Water Mountains to the SE

Interstate 10 crosses the center of the range. The Plomosa ghost town and mining camp lie on the southwest side of the range.[3]

Evidence of both thrust faulting and strike-slip faulting is present in the Plomosa Mountains.[4]

The highpoint of the range is Black Mesa (La Paz County) in the southern regions. Ibex Peak is a highpoint in the north.

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33°42′00″N 114°03′04″W / 33.700°N 114.051°W / 33.700; -114.051